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Hi all!

Just wanted to let you know that I finally made an instagram account, now that it has a bit more image quality and less size restrictions!

If you want, you can follow me -…

I'm posting my work there, and will also be posting some traditional sketches and such!

Obviously, I'll keep posting on Deviantart of course :)

Thank you!
Hi all!

In case you missed my last journal, here's the link to my current Brush Pack! If I change it a lot in the future I'll re-post a new one!…


Also, I just created an official facebook page! I'll obviously keep posting everything here on DA, but if you can leave a like on my page I'd really appereciate it!

I hope everyone is doing well :)


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Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing alright!

Just something quick - I wanted to share with you the brushes I use:…

They are from a variety of sources, many of them have been around for ages from other artists (Jaime Jones, Kekai Kotaki, 
Levi Peterffy, etc etc etc...) others I made myself, others I altered, and so on.

Sometime ago, someone in my youtube channel told me he had just bought a brush pack, which really struck me the wrong way since I believe they should be shared freely with everyone. I really don't see the point in selling these as you can get them anywhere online these days if you research just a bit as fortunately there are still many people sharing them for free. It's also not like you are selling some secret painting sauce, it's just a simple tool. So yeah, don't buy brushes. And don't sell them either, don't be a douche! :)

Also, it's been said a million trillion times, but just keep in mind that they are just a tool and won't make you magically work better. They can be helpful if you are trying to achieve a certain look in your illustrations and so on, or to give some texture, but don't focus to much on gathering a ton of brushes and using them all. Just use the ones you are most comfortable with.

The last 10 brushes in that pack are probably the ones I use the most, but 80% of the time I use the same 2 or 3 brushes, the others are just flavor.

That's it! Let me know if you have any questions!

Cheers everyone! :)

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Hi everyone!

I hope you are all doing OK!

The main reason for me to create this journal is to help a good friend of mine promote his newly released game Tower Slash!
It's for iOS mobile devices and will soon be available on Android as well!

You can check it here -…

The game is really really good. It's an infinite runner but with some twists and requires a lot of quick reflexes, but not in the way you might think!

I've followed the development of the game and my friend really put all his heart and hard work into it, so please do check it out. It's FREE, so there is no excuse!

GO GO GO  -…

In regards to art, I'll have new illustrations up soon!
I've had one sitting in the art folder for a while that I want to share, but as with many illustrations I'm just not sure if it is finished yet..but I think you'll like it!

Also, if you have any questions regarding anything art-related, please leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer!

P.S. - Bloodborne is sooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooood
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Hi all!

Just 2 quick things!

First I wanted to thank you ALL for the awesome birthday wishes! It was a pretty good day and seeing all your comments made it awesome! So THANK YOU ! :)

Second I just wanted to let you know that INPRNT is having worldwide free shipping till the end of the week, so if you want to buy anything now it's a great time! Here's the link to my page…

That's all for now!
I will have some more art to show you soon, meanwhile you can check out some sketches and studies on my TUMBLR:




P.S. - Just one last thing - I can't fucking wait for Bloodborne  *.*
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Hey everyone! I hope this journal entry finds you all well :)

I just wanted to let you know that I have been posting some sketches/studies/wips/process on my TUMBLR page here:

I just find it more convenient to post some of this rougher stuff in a blog-like format instead of Deviantart!
So if you are interested in any of that make sure to follow me on TUMBLR! I'll obviously keep posting my main pieces here on DA, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm also posting some side-stuff in there :)

Also, if you have any questions for me, you can ask me via Tumblr! The good thing about asking via Tumblr is that if it's something that is relevant for more people I can answer it as a blog post so that everyone can see!
So if you have any questions regarding my art process or anything at all feel free to ask :)

Also, if you have any interest in buying prints from me check out my Inprnt page:…

Thank you very much for reading everyone, and may the Holy Caffeine guide your path, forever and always.
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  • Drinking: Tea, water, and some strong COFFEE :)
Hey everyone!
So, many times people ask me about what brushes I use and what not... I have a link for my brushes on my profile but I don't use that set anymore, so I just wanted to share the brush-set I've been using lately with you :)
You can download it here:


The last 5 brushes or so are the ones I use the most ( like 95% of the time ).
It is much simpler than my previous set as I'm trying to "free" my "workspace" as much as possible. It still has some brushes that are universally in everyone's brush-set nowadays, so honestly I'm not sure who to credit anymore since they've been around for so long, but they probably come from Jaime Jones, Leventep, Kekai, M@ etc...
Just remember that brushes are just another tool and won't make your work better or worse automatically. Just use the ones you like the most and stick with that :)

I have also recently made a tumblr account in which I should be posting some sketches and stuff pretty if you like tumblr you can follow me here:


As usual I appereciate all the support I get from all of you and thank you very much :) 
Also a special thanks to @etherealbeast  for giving me a Daily Deviation on my latest piece :D

Cheers everyone, and take care :)


Other links:

Website -

Youtube -

Facebook -…

Twitter -

CGhub -
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Hello hello!

So, first of all, sorry for not posting any artwork in a while! I've been busy transitioning again to freelance!
Also, a very late Happy New Year to everyone!

I have new pieces to show you, and will post them here soon, but meanwhile, you can see them at my new website!

As you can see I have also updated my username, since I was so very tired of the previous one!

I also made a twitter account, even though it's very new so there isn't almost anything in there yet, but I should be pretty active from now on. So if you'd like you can follow me at:

I hope everyone is doing well, and as always, thank you very much for all the support. 
Hopefully this will be a great year !

By the way...anyone a fan of Dark Souls ? :)