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Video Process - [link]

Hi !!
Here is a new speed painting I did yesterday to record the process!
It took 1h and 48 min !

I hope you like it :)

Video Process -[link]
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your so inspiring, keep up the GREAT work <3
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Whoa...beautiful :rose: 
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cool!!!!!) NICE!
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Its very nice. 
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this is exactly how I imagined it
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What miracle is this? This giant tree.
It stands ten thousand feet high
But it doesn't reach the ground. Still it stands.
Its roots must hold the sky.
This is almost exactly what I am looking for! I am a high fantasy adventure author looking for an artist to make a book cover for me. If this image is available or you are able to do another painting very similar please let me know. My email is Great work!!!
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It's a very nice art.

I have a question : i have a small project ( for the school) and i have a little problem with for make my background ( i'm a beginner in graph and draw), can i take one part of this tree and retouch? Indeed, I write where i take this part of image.

( And sorry for the typing error)
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this is crazy! it really looks some made with oil on canvas :D
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Yggdrasil > Teldrassil
Virberrocal's avatar
simply amazing...^^
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This is lovely :D
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So simple, yet so well done~ I love how you inserted what seems to be an avatar (perhaps one of your characters) to not only offer a sense of scale, but it also offers a sense of confrontation with nature. The figure appears to be stationary, with perhaps a bit of wind blowing her hair, I'm not too sure on that detail, but I would interpret this as she is connecting, sharing its beauty and strength~ I also really like the rectangular rocks on the sides, they add sort of like a nice boarder around the lower portion of the image. Really nice piece of art here!~ ^^
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This is so amazing!
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:heart: I think you have nailed it perfectly. Yggdrasil is so large that animals really could walk on it's branches (as some branches touch the ground. Best Yggdrasil yet! :heart:
Kledtruth's avatar
ahhh, reminds me of my childhood in asgard... perfectly captured!
Nice, but ygdrassill only has 3 roots.
Narcek's avatar
Why that name???
kina's avatar
love love love the tree
Cloud-Dragonz's avatar
Lovely, I always love tree art :)
FantasyWench's avatar
Wow, that's fast.
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