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To never be seen again




Hi all!

Here's a new personal illustration. I've been painting this one on and off for a long time now, and today I finally managed to give it the final touches!

It's probably the most fun I've had painting an illustration ever, and I'm really happy with the final result!

I really hope you like it as well :)



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has a man does a soup cracker.

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Hello, my name is Arlo. I’m writing this to ask you for permission to use your work “To never be seen again“ in my 10-30 minute Dungeons and Dragons YouTube video because I think it's really neat. I will not be making any money off of the video. If you give written permission for me to do so, I will display the previously mentioned piece of art that you created exactly one time in my video. If you do not respond, I will not use your work in my video.

P.S. I don't have $9 to spare, so it's understandable if you're agitated that I'm asking for permissions without pay, but I figured it was worth it because it doesn't hurt to ask. Thank you for your time.

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This eldritch lobster looks way scarier than most Kraken. Like it would actually eat people and not just drag them down..
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LOVING THIS!!! EPIC Kraken art... We would love to see you enter this creation in our #ASCfanart challenge featuring, you guessed it, our original 'Kraken' design created for Clash of the Titans (2010). Contest is running now through 12/7 so act fast for a chance to win some groovy original signed concept art and a one-on-one chat with Aaron Sims himself. You can find more info on our Facebook Event and Instagram pages (AaronSimsCreative). Cheers!
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Another marvellous concept well illustrated.
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Man...this sea monters is really awesome!! haha very nice! ;D
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Incredible. One of the best paintings I've ever seen.
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Damned good job on the scaling and detailing, you really managed to make that thing look immense yet very fluid.
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Much Calamari
    Such Ship
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Am i the only one who thinks that the sea monster looks a Lovecraftian Monster mixed with a Xenomorph Queen?
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ayy thats pretty good
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Great sad colors!!
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It's amazing! The details are awesome
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Great detail and moody setting captured perfectly.
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hu? so thats where my seafood went. XP
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"Call me Ishmael,"
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I am Giirbo and I am Looking for a BBQ-Free Grill.
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Terrifying! I love the atmosphere of this!
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