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December 21, 2010
Through the ancient valley by *Blinck The Suggester said: "The sense of scale is simply amazing, as though you've already been swallowed up by this very world. You can tell there's adventure ahead, but there's also a lingering sense of danger. Full view is a must.".
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Through the ancient valley


2014 EDIT: Refined some things for a new PRINT, which you can get HERE -…


Here's a new piece, showing a girl starting a journey through an old valley. Definitely got some inspiration from LOTR :)
Decided to upload it on a higher res so that you can get a better feeling for the scale, which I wanted to be pretty epic!

I really hope you like it! :)
Tell me what you think!

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Forcedlactationlover's avatar
the minute I saw this, I thought of the Argonath. It doesn't match Tolkien's conception, but doesn't try to. (As you wrote, 'inspired by'.)
Sunshinesuit's avatar
Shadow of the colossus 2!
scrumdiddlyumpshus's avatar
Breathtaking! The detail on the mountains and the lighting are to die for omg I love this piece!!
Imdraproc's avatar
I saw this picture years ago, and I'm very happy to see it again. This picture make you feel like you are there, looking upwards to the steep cliff sides and magnificent statues. 'Majestic' is the best word to describe this.
ChicoBioca's avatar
Though the statues resemble the Argonath, it has a different touch, the area looks really pacific, but the two elven statues tell otherwise. This is remarkable. I'm running out of compliments for your amazing deviations XD
fluffiki's avatar
Very beautiful, may I ask how long did it take you to finish the initial art?
JJcanvas's avatar
This was made a long time ago so I can't really be sure... At that time it must have taken me around between 15 and 20 hours. Would take about half that time now I think!
Cheers :)
diana-silva's avatar
Koopa90's avatar
Ive been using this as a desktop wallpaper on and off for 4 years :) About time I left a comment.
Very reminiscent of J R R Tolkien's stories, Love this to death :)
MestreAll's avatar
Great work.
Nice Landscape.

I'm getting a Naruto-y vibe here...
shaneldraey's avatar
amazing! if i was thaer i wolde say OMG!
rjmessing's avatar
Reminds me of the sphinxes in Neverending story
ChristineMerrifield's avatar
this is truly breathtaking!! 
moookayla's avatar
Reminds me of concept art from guild wars 2 almost! Love the piece!…
iiibrokeyhu's avatar
the statues are amazing!!
rohanrpednekar's avatar
you are an Inspiration.... because of you I started writing..... and many of the things I write resembles your art.... sheer respect for you :)
KirePapa's avatar
SilverEarthWolf's avatar
This is so beautiful!! I love the birds flying off the cliff carving, its a nice touch :) 
The-Golem-Armada's avatar
Awesome scale and colors. Really awe-inspiring.
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