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The old, dark, Haunted Castle

Another scenery ! Tried to give it a painterly look !
Really had a blast painting this one, I like painting rocks for some reason :P. 100% airbrush in PSCS3
I hope you like it!
And sorry about the title, I just didn't know how to call it -.-

Take good care.
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I am a big fan of the role-playing game Middle Earth Role Playing (MERP), game that no longer exists for a long time, and I design adventures/scenarios written by MERP fans, for the MERP fan community.

I really like your creations, and I wanted to know if I could use your image to insert them in a FAN-MERP booklet, knowing that it is not at all for commercial purposes, but only for fans of this old role-playing game.

As I said : "made by fans for fans" 🙂

Naturally, I quote the author's name of the images in the booklet, in credits part.

And I add these informations : "This module is the intellectual property of the authors, art creators and designers. It is intended for private, non-profit use. No portion of this work or material derived from it may be used for commercial purposes without the permission of its authors, creators and designers."

Thank you so much!


That kind of reminds me of the tower of Cirith Ungol.
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I am in love with this. Amazing work. Just stunning.
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Perfect place to have a picnic! YEEEHHEHEHEHEHEE!!!
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Cool makes me think of LOTR and Norse viking architecture.
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Defenatly use this for my roleplay game next time. Some Villain Castle with many treasure and dangerous monsters inside... ^^
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AWESOME...thats all I can say:)
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this is gorgeous
I just can't get over it
I love the warrior standing before it, it has such a captivating feel
excellent work!
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i want to live there
it's how I imagined 'the dreadfort'. seat of house Bolton in asoiaf.
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nostalgic, mysterious, fantastic!
Dear Jorge:

I'm hoping you will kindly consider granting me permission to use your marvelous image, 'The old, dark, Haunted Castle', as the cover for one of my next novels.

I've published five books to date and am embarking on a dark heroic fantasy series entitled The Book of Heroes. Your piece would be four projected book 4, Queen of the Mountain. I can't be sure, but the figure in your piece looks to be female, with a bow (?) or longsword (?) on her back. Perfect for my story.

If this would be acceptable, I would need for you to provide me with a high resolution image (at least 300 dpi). And, of course, I would credit you as artist.

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes, and respectfully,

August Hunt
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WOW! this is so beautiful, amazing and great!
Did you make this picture?
Great JOb!
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And of course I made this picture :p Why would I submit it if I didn't make it?
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Stronghold of Moraphies?
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I like it. And it looks like Mins Morgul from the LOTR. Classical necropolis.)
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Reminds me of Mordor.
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It's always amazing, anytime I see it.
I wrote you a note to ask the permission to feature it on my fantasy website. I'd like to know about.
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Very Minas Morgul-ish. Nice!
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I was reminded of that one fortress in angmar in Lord of the Rings Online.
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I love this scenery. Would you like to be the background cartoonist for an independent animation movie? If you do, please follow the link in my signature and give me your email address. Thank you :)
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I just love the atmosphere.
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