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The Secret Entrance

Hi everyone!

A quick personal painting that I managed to do in-between freelance work!

Very "comfort-zoney" but I hope you like it

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I love it! Thank you!

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Beautiful work!

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oh man.. i wish i had this in 1920 for my desktop. this is so nice!
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This is stunning!!
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When something this good is a 'comfort' level. Only one day will I imagine myself with the same comfort level...
This is really beautiful. May I use this for something? I will give credit! If nots that's okay. This is really beautiful and I just fell in love with it the second I saw it.
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Nice piece of art, even if the title is a little baffling considering the clearly visible steps leading up to it.
Mary-Aka-Miwako's avatar
. Can I use it ? I will credit you when I submit my art 
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Lovely! I just want to climb into the picture and start exploring.
this is amazing!!
great picture!
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I dream of places like this! This is so amazing!
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how!? can someone tell me how you draw like this??
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Its not Drawing, its Painting.
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I love your vision of fantasy places!
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This tree has a cat nose. Check the thumbnail. I have my doubts about if this was on purpose, but it's cool anyhow.
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I'm officially moving in into this tree! Don't even try to stop me ;) 
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I love how well these blues and greens fit together:D
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I struggle to draw a potato and for you this is "comfort-zoney"...
Awesome as always xD
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So beautiful. I find this to be VERY inspiring. :heart:
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Looking at this gives me such a nice cozy feeling :3
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