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The Old Dragon God

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Dude you are awesome at painting big stuff!

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I like Pictures, Creations where Dragons are peacefully and live together, (side by side) with mankind. No Fight, no war, no attack. Dragons are great creatures wich unspeakable majesty. This is what your picture is showing. And so I like it at first. :D

(Sorry for my bad english. Is not my native language :worry: .)

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Jorgen and Jacinth were transfixed by the sight of Pa- Shun rolling slowly by with a sound so deep they could feel, but not really hear it.  Never in Jorgen's wildest dreams would he have imagined actually seeing any god whilst still alive, let alone a spirit so powerful, so magnificent as Pa-Shun, the Ancient One- bringer of thunder; voice of the ancient heavens; creator of the Mysteries and Destroyer of the Bronze Throne.
    It was, of course, great news that she had been successfully summoned- assuming she decided to intervene in their cause when the moment came, as the Guardian Host were planning.  Her appearance gave Jorgen and Jacinth much hope and inspiration, but dragons, godly or otherwise, could never be relied upon to see things from the same point of view as other mortals.  The idea that Pa-Shun might just hover in the skies and watch as the Ugrik broke loose across the mountains was something so soul-destroying, Jorgen would keep it to himself.
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nice sense of scale, especially the slight atmospheric perspective on the dragon. Reminds me of that scene in Skyrim, but much more impactful

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I can certainly feel the majesty of the dragon in comparison to the size of the humans presented! Amazing work!
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I am loving the composition. the colors, the movement. so great. n.n
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fantastic work!
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Spectacular! Amazing art 👍
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I wish i was that person standing there ;w;
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Great work. Love how it just feels so light, even with that big boy comin' from the left.
awesome, the dragon god seems to be a part of the sky
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The fact of Planet-X, the planet of chastisement from the decisive Book as a reminder to the possessors of understanding-minds🔥🔴👇…

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wow , wonderful
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No words.... Absolutely beautiful.
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In other words...Bahamat!
Sensacional! Parabéns...
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Mind Blowing combination!!
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