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Stalagmite - Speed paint

A quick practice speed paint with just brush work. Took around 1h and 10min or so
Might pick it up later and mega-detail it :D

hope you like it!
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Ammmmmazing .. good work
Onlyfox's avatar
1 hour?? this would take me weeks :o
Sargon89's avatar
Your art instills me with awe and a deep sadness.
Euxiom's avatar
I looooove your environments. They're so wonderful :love:
Yora23's avatar
And he calls that speed paint! Mocking all of us! ^^
Zadriela's avatar
*attempts stepping into the painting*
other-justin's avatar
Your whole gallery is just simply spectacular. I could look at your speedpaintings all day.
bugfacegard's avatar
I get alot of enjoyment out of your speedpainting.
Ranarh's avatar
I like the design and how you handled the lighting for a dramatic effect. Something I like in all of your paintings btw. :)
GCARTIST85's avatar
Thank you for adding your Speed:sprint:paint to
LostKittens's avatar
This only took you 70 minutes?!

i'm jealous! This is so amazing, i do wish to see it detailed! It would look amazing c:
Souruuriin's avatar
omg soo amazing OAO
Jimpaw's avatar
awsome work, really good.
DexterLexter's avatar
How do construct images like this? Do you just start and then go with the the flow or do you plan things? I admire your skill in making the perspective look right.
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I love the title! :D Great speed paint!
Starlit-Sorceress's avatar
Neat! A world where raindrops contain significant amounts of minerals (just like dripping water in caves) so stalagmites form like mountains over millions/billions/etc of years.
PTZen's avatar
NEAT! Another troll. Go back to your cave son
Starlit-Sorceress's avatar
Uh...I'm not a troll. Just responding to the piece. Seriously, look at my profile page and tell me what part of it makes you think I'm a troll.
DtheCadeyra's avatar
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