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Ruins - Panoramic


Another piece made for the PSN game Under Siege ( now on sale )

It was made almost 2 years ago (would probably do allot of things different today). It's suposed to be a rotative panoramic image in the game.
I was gonna crop it but decided to post the entire thing :)

Cheers hope you like it!
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Amazing climate, writes a browser game MMORPG where most of the location will be under change and such atmosphere I would like to have in my game.
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Oh hell! But it is beautiful! Really, I do not know how you can have all this patience in realizing them! Not only this, but also the others are magnificent! Can I ask you a favor? Can I use a couple of your images for a story I'm writing? They really have the right atmosphere, obviously without your permission I will not dare to do anything, in case I would allow it, I will immediately make it clear that the images belong to you :)
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Yes! Adore this work of art. Such a grand scale love your style
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can i use it in my game !
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Love the feeling of exploring something that's been abandoned for centuries! Wow!
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i just say wow! this is my dreamy pleace!
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this looks like something from a movie, really good
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Looks a bit like Skyrim's Blackreach, but with glowing crystals instead of giant glowing mushrooms. Incriedible, nonetheless.
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hnnng ok i was wondering. could i use this as the backround for a custom room in a game i play? (chatlands) i dont want to use it without your permission.
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Wow really nice style, i just made a new thing and thought it might be worth a look, im only just started out but im practicing all the time, i dream of being a conept artist and maybe with your help or even just a watch you can watch the dream unfold :) (Smile)
Drop a watch or lend some help if your interested brah :) (Smile)
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Amazing. I like the colors
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I love the spooky atmosphere! Its amazing! 
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This one kinda reminds me of Skyrim, the Black Dephts :o Beautiful! :)
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THIS LOOKS SO GOOD!!!!  La la la la 
When will you do more videos blinck? its been a couple months

You never cease to amaze me Blinck
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thats so beautiful

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