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Ruins - Environment Sketch

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Sorry for the lack of personal artwork lately :(
This is a very quick sketch that I made in between freelance jobs!

I also post some sketches/studies on TUMBLR so follow me there:

Cheers :)

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very great that i want to be in the wallpaper

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Wow I watched the process of this on Youtube... and now I see it here. Gives me the chills, it's so good!

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Its like a part of one night dream,

"A woman gave the girl a nice gown to wear, but another girl pulled it from her saying its hers. 
So the woman decided to take the girl up floors roaming around the big house, they passed to the second floor beside an opened door of a big room, 
it was filled with men, so they continued to the up roof which was too vast with empty areas.

There they both met an old woman selling colored fabrics, (she have to buy one or more to move to the death town the girl no nothing about it).
The woman asked the girl to buy one, for this old woman to help her. So she did, then the old woman pointed to an ancient gate and asked her to go through it. The girl walked to there! she was too worry but dared to pass it, then she entered a dark area, it was inhabited town,
rows of houses along two sides, seemed dead! she kept walking but then she was too scared! She didn't want to die here.
So that she decided to run back towards the ancient gate again! 
She never waited a second to back and run towards the old woman who was astonished! How u could back?!
The girl told her: I want to back to you this fabric I don't want to go in anywhere. It was a death town!  

The girl walked down the roof of that big house! How a roof could have another town and an old woman selling fabrics! Which looks old too!
But she saw half opened door, and half dark guy trying to hid, while he was appeared to the rest of men in that room.
She ignored it and pass down the first floor, there she met the girl again who was taken her gown in the first of the dream!" 

Sorry for the long reply, I just was inspired by your works
wish u the best :rose: 
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This looks well inspired and excellently done, good job!
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This is a place of shady beauty...Love how spooky it is ^_^
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Prepare yer potions me lads it's about to go down!
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OooooOooooOoooo, spooky!
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so gloomy... i love it ! :D
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Really Sweet Work! :)
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thats very awesome :D
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Wow....just wow.....I love your art
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excelente! Cómo haces para dibujar así!!!
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This is beautiful!
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So beautiful! 
You've been featured here :)

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so dreary but yet stunning in a dark way
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Reminds me much of the "Execution Grounds" from Lineage 2 :D great!
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Really enjoyed this piece! The video was fun to watch. Hopefully I'll be able to get this good at environments soon!
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