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Pyramids II

Finally had a bit of time to make a new video.

WATCH IT in HD :) - [link]

Hopefully you enjoy it and can take something good from it! This was a nightmare to make ( the video part, the painting was pretty smooth ) so I really hope you like it!

I also hope you like the image, of course :D

EDIT: This is my second time submitting this today, I had to take the first one down because the video was blocked in most countries, should be fine now!
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It reminds me of Blade runner, don't know why, hope I can achive that kind of quality on my art
CelestialSeas's avatar
This could inspire an entire movie or soundtrack.
Shadowarr's avatar
Amazing. Does anybody know how to get tablet with pen-display for a bit cheaper price tho? I dream about such a tablet everyday. 
ZoomJet's avatar
Just watched your video. Woah. Literally my only problem with this is that it's not a crisp 1080p so I can make it my wallpaper on everything I own :D
Very cool picture, colors are magnificent, and video excellent! Yes, and many thanks for brushes =)
torivan6's avatar
Awesome !!!!!!!!!!
TanukiTagawa's avatar
Futuristic,but with something ominous in it.   :hmm:
SAibIRfan's avatar
a true mastepiece
Vooglet's avatar
It is simply amazing! I was watching  your video on youtube, and i was absolutely dazed when you added such a tiny human's figure 
elementiro's avatar
Great colors and balance, but there's no focal point (or there are few, idk, the fact is my eyes don't know where to look).
But it's still great art. :)
cariberius-monkey's avatar
awesome work. really love the style and color.. the video is also very nice.
seems like we have shared opinions about talent ;)
Tiparium's avatar
I watched the video, and while I love the final image, I gotta say I think it looked better around when you had the arches.
CChrieon's avatar
toothlessnightfury96's avatar
may i ask were you got most of your brushes from? ^.^
wow super idea. would love to create this in 3d
TheIncredibleJazzMan's avatar
Your work is very inspiring. Thank you for being such a wonderful person. Thank you for sharing! :)
nomewmew's avatar
I came to know you from WC3 which uses one of your artworks for tower defense games, and you are really inspiring! + we both listen to tom day xD
ChaosUndivided9's avatar
:O I...I have nothing to say but :O
nahojis's avatar
your 2 pyramids are real masterpieces!
BioMutt70's avatar
i am at awe!! purely amazing!!
Thunderchicken42's avatar
I always love the atmosphere you put into your paintings. This one is no exception! The way you used the angular shapes makes the buildings look really old ad really futuristic at the same time! Nice job!
PakPolaris's avatar
beautiful and sooo eeeire
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