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Murlocs of the Stars



Finally got around to do this. Always wanted to merge Murlocs ( from WoW ) with starcraft marines.
I know that the armor and all that stuff is not exactly alike but it's not supposed to be :P

Let me present you these war heroes..

To the left we have Maniac Jeff - Once a florist in his home world, he set foot in his path for revenge and bloodlust when his flower-shop was destroyed by the aliens...along with his wife, Jeffa. His only purpose in life is now to annihilate every single enemy, and then to die in glory, in hopes of joining his flower garden and wife in heaven.

In the middle we have Deathsmoke - Noone knows his true name. The legends say that he keeps smoking cigars inside his helm to slowly intoxicate himself. This way he shall die by the hands of his own smoke, which will spare him the shame of dying at the hands of his enemy.

To the right we have Passive Pyp - Like his name says, he is only passive. He doesn't fight, he doesn't speak and he doesn't do anything, he is simply passive. This gives the team an edge in battle as the enemys are always fearful that some day he will break his silence/passiveness and unleash doom and despair upon them. ( which will probably never happen )

I hope you like it. Everything was painted in PSCS3 in about 7 hours or so.

Take care!
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Very nice work, both picture and story!