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Inside the Forest - Part II

Hey !

So here it is, another shot from the same forest as my previous piece.

Done in about 7-8 hours, photoshop CS3 and my new Wacom Intuos 4, which is pretty awesome :D !
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I really want to explore this area...besides its beauty what was it made for, whats left of it? and what do the words on the stones say?
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This looks amazing. Everything looks on point. Great Job
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This is just too beautiful! 
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This is so pretty. I used it as a background for a picture.  Evil Naga Sorceress by Whirlpool24
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you should ask before using it, its not your art.
that is called THEFT
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very beautiful design!
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Would you ever be intrested in being a background artist for animations?
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Bask in the beauty and examine for clues, on a fun mission through space.. Psychedelics are the key to unraveling the simple mystery.. 
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This is another one I could use since the Elfie people live under the roots of trees.,,,although now they have to live underground because the Scorpents burnt all the trees.
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Amazing! May I use it as a background for a drawing? I will credit you.
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Oh that is neat... those trees are huge... (Kinda feels like Ankor Wat) The way huge roots are winding their way through and around structures. Nice glorious misty feeling about this one... plus the glowing thingies.
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Reminds me of Skypiea! :D
It is a quote from Homers Odyssey in ancient Greek: ΘΕΟΙ ΤΟΣΑ ΔΟΙΕΝ ΟΣΑ ΦΡΕΣΙ ΣΗΣΙ ΜΕΝΟΙΝΑΣ (transcribed as theoi tosa doien hosa phresi sēisi menoinas) and means, "may the gods grant thee all that thy heart desires".
Amazing artwork. Greetings from Greece 
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i love forests like this..
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mystery !! :3 oh! I like character on stone...
Amazing picture. Though, I can only make out bits of the Greek on the walls. This must have an epic story behind it. What does it say?
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You have a lot of amazing scenery in your gallery ^^
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