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This is amazing!! Would you mind if I used this as a book cover? I will definitely credit you and provide a link to your work, and you did a wonderful job!
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SKETCHMAN69|Student General Artist
wooow so amazing ! 
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PlayingAsOne|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can I use it for background? I will Credit you..
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NeonSRB|Student Artist
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May i use this on a swedish site Called stallet.se? I will ofcorse say that this is you work and have your name on it^^
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In this enchanted area around the specimen of life, is nothing but fairies and pixies and great things all around. Welcoming and informative more than beyond. Bilal and his companion with the same looks as there 30's. Realizing there ageing has stopped. Although confused they both realize how funny there eternity will be. Constantly seducing the women where he went and doing tasks for them knowing that the choose when they want to seen.. So moving planet to planet, doing secret missions in return for sex. Bilal and Tiger Mohamed are space travelers. Receiving paradise from every planet they go to and enounter simple tasks but impossible to anyone else. Making them hero's. Guardians of the Galaxies. Never with a worry or loss. Every one encountered in his earthly relm travel with him through space and the future after life throughout eternity. Nobody dies and every being in space lives for an eternity. Love travels through the Sound waves everywhere he goes.. Creating Peace in a paradise. Nobody can remember but Bilal.. He never forgets.. He always learns and teaches..
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EveryoneIsMad|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautyful.... I wish this place would exist
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Greenwolves|Hobbyist Writer
This is so majestic
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estou maravilhada com suas arts
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Tha-ddaeus|Hobbyist Writer
A lot of depth and detail here. Fantastic work.
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Speedy1236|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love your landscapes; they're scenic and breathtaking! Some remind me of places in fantasy books, beautiful and enchanted. ;)

I noticed this figure of the red-haired girl in several of your paintings. It's a cool recurring element. Who is she? :)
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I'd love to be somewhere near this place! :meow:
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SAibIRfan|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wish it was my home , I'll never go anywhere else :) , so amazing
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Very nice! Looks a lot like an artwort for Child of Light.
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CorgiFoxi|Hobbyist Digital Artist
lovely tree and surrounding forest. I like the amount of detail in your work. :)
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Nice, what is it inspired from ?
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wolfgirl501|Hobbyist General Artist
youtu.be/Zo4p3FxiPs8 Found here, It a very gorgess picture!:D   
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I saw a video on youtube and there were some of your pictures in it and each of them had that one girl and it freaked me out for a second haha. I love your art style so much! it sets me into a mood that is hard to describe! i have a question though, is it okay if i use this picture and make a mini mini story out of it? it will be a first person point of view for the girl standing there :) 

She did give a link to your Deviantart. Idk if you already knew that but hey lol :D
Thanks for your time! 
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Kagami-Rio|Hobbyist Writer
LovelyHeart Yuki Sohma Rat (Pretty Eyes) [V1] 
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tiruch|Hobbyist Photographer
I would LOVE to live here!
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