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Forest village

This is one of the illustrations I made for the PSN game Under Siege (currently on sale!)
This was made about 1.5 years ago!
This was part of a larger panoramic image but I cropped it to post here

Hope you like it!!!

All copyrights belong to Seed Studios.
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this is so good
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Lovely and enchanting
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sensational art work;)***
JayJayRoxx's avatar
I SO wanna live here.
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This is amazing!  Thank you for sharing!
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it' so beautiful o_o
That is beautiful.
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this is absolutely stunning!
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The colors and lighting of this piece is so beautiful. It is so warm and mystical. Very amazing work.
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Your art is so amazing!
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I really like the mix of autum colours in here. Its beautiful.
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new favorite thing on deviantart, ever
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Hmmm, I have that bizarre impression of deja-vu, due to having seen a friend picture that looks a lot like this?
I guess it's not very surprising, it's just a mayan-style village in a european forest. Amazing rendition though, as usual.
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I don't know the game but this is such a piece of art! And I love the colors!
Awesome job!!
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For every picture there is a story and I just wanted to say thank you for taking me on these incredible journeys with you.
What brush did you use for the leaves? Please reply! I really love this.
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what a wonderful masterpiece :D
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this is beautiful...
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I would love to walk in your paintings :)
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When I was a kid I had a dream about visiting a place like that. The buildings were scattered among tall coppery leaved trees like remains of some forgotten, long gone civilization. A mixture of beauty, sadness, melancholy and longing.

Thank you for creating this picture.
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