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Eversong Woods

By JJcanvas
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Process Video - [link]

Here's a speed paint I did today! Took me around 2h and 40 minutes or so.
It's based of Eversong Woods, a zone from World of Warcraft.
I haven't played that game in a loooooong time but I always loved the design and feel of some of the zones, so this is a little tribute!

Be sure to check out the "making of / time-lapse" video in HD quality!


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Leveling a new blood elf at the moment, and while taking my time in Eversong Woods, I just take in the environment and aesthetic of the zone.
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Had to use this for my wallpaper... Eversong Woods, the most beautiful and relaxing zone in WoW!
Beautiful art you got here :D
"Selama ashal'anore"
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Amazing work! Feels like im back in the good old days! :D
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Woaw ! It's so beautiful ! Bravo.
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I'm surprised this picture isn't available as a print. Don't you think it's good enough, or is it because it's made from a WoW zone ?
(I'm asking because I'm making a list of prints I'd like to display in my home, maybe in a year or so - I'm liking a lot of yours ^^)
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Feels different from your other work in a good way. Nice and light.
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I would like to use this on a settled chatlands. We okay with you? I will give you full credit forthmaking of this picture.
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Fantastic art, so pretty. ;w;
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beautiful and pacefull, really like it!!
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oh wow, I like how you painted the tree trunks and their hues of orange leaves. The water is a nice touch too. :)
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Thats pretty cool. What do u use to make ur arT?
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I ned to know where did you get the brush you used for the leaves on trees, I love it! Did you make it?
Also i had just seen the video and found you here. Your work is brilliant. :D
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Stunning, simply stunning! 
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Absolutely beautiful.
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This zone always held a lot of beauty to me, this captures it well.

Great work!
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Do you mind if i use this as a background for a rpg site? I need to get permission first :3
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This should get a DD :omfg:
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Could I use this for Chatlands?
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Just by watching the picture I can imagine the music playing in that region
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This is beautiful. :heart: It is great to see WoW landscapes in painting, it is a completely different view than ingame. I wish you did more.
Your gallery is breathtaking, I downloaded more than half of it to deskshop background. :)
Keep it up! :thumbsup:
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