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Drifted Ashore

By JJcanvas
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Absolutely amazing!
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probably just a dead wail ;)
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A beached leviathan!! Come on, everyone, we gotta help push it back into the ocean!!
lapis-lazuri's avatar
Aww, poor gigantic colossal monstrous critter....
BurenErdene's avatar
looks like Kthulu had too much drink last night.
EricLeViking's avatar
That creature seems to be super extra mega huge ! Stare   And some people thought JAWS' Bruce was frightening... ;) (Wink) 
I won't swim in sea or ocean ever gain ! Crying   Time to haul ass out of here! =D (Big Grin) 
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Orphan of Kos still gives me nightmares.
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Lovely landscape, very atmospheric :-)
SchattenLotus's avatar
" Fhtagn " ... ...
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OldLobo's avatar
Ah, Kos... or some say Kosm...
JJcanvas's avatar
As you once did for the vacuous Rom, grant us eyes, grant us eyes...
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This is totally cool. A strangely passive way of conveying the horror of monsters lurking in the deep sea, the sort of thing that gives a spark of fear every time a boat goes missing. Was it bad weather? Fire? Or something else? Stories of sea monsters mean there were at least survivors, but if there aren't and something like this washes ashore...
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Going into cosmic Horror again, I like it.
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A creature of nightmares... this whole picture is absolutely amazing!
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I get Kojima's Death Stranding vibe from this.. Great job, love the depth of the picture
JJcanvas's avatar
It was mostly inspired by Bloodborne, but I can see where you see the resemblance with Death Stranding! Looking forward to that game :)
DJ-AppleJ-Sound's avatar
Oh, Bloodborne, another amazing game.

Can't wait to play it as well! The trailers are fantastic.
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You don't want to be there when the mother will be looking for its child...
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