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Desert Ruins

another illustration I did for

Did this one almost 2 years ago

Hope you like it!
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...very nice work.
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Man, Tatooine has seen better days.
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I refuse to call it Jakku since Jakku is like the poor man's version of Tatooine.
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Now, all we need is Black-on-Black and an Aussie road warrior. ;)
I have a poem titled "Sands of Time" which I would like to position over this image.  How can I obtain permission to use this beautiful art in that way?
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just a question, can we use those for a website (personal website and no commercial) ?
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Really beautiful piece :) do you have any brush presets or video tutorials that you could link me? Check out my "Attack On Hyperion" Landscape, it is so flat and it doesn't look right, If there is anything you could do to help it would be much appreciated, thanks :)
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Soooo. I was checkimg out all of this art. I came to the conclusion that leaving a comment on every single incredible price would take too long because there are so many incredible peices. Sooooo. On behalf of all this creative work: I love your art. I actually feel like I am in another ancient and unique world when I see it. Great job!!! * I am soooooo jealous of your talent. 
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Thank you very much for the nice comment :) I'm glad you get "transported" into another world, it's what I try to achieve in all of these :)
reminds of a novel, A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller, Jr.
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title of this piece could be "The Desolate"
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Beautiful piece of work a striking desolate landscape dressed in soft sunset colours.
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Reminds me of some of the ruins in my book world
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Awesome work! It looks great!
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Awesome work! It looks great!
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Hey, would be able to use this wonderful picture for a song I did? [link] send me a note if I can and of course you will be given credit in the video description :D
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Absolutely adore the hazy atmosphere. That's quite convincing!
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Love this! Anything with an orange glow to it I like. Gives it the sunset appeal.
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