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March 27, 2012
Concerning Hobbits, a painting with a lovely dream-like quality by *Blinck. The way the trees recede into the background is extremely beautiful.
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Concerning Hobbits


Here is a piece I made for a book cover. It's set in the universe of Lord of the Rings.
Please keep in mind that I did not have full input regarding the composition. If I did I would have made some things differently ( like that giant tree branch on the right, I would remove it >.< ), but oh well hopefully the client liked it ;)**

**EDIT: Ok so I uploaded *my" version of the piece, so there is no huge random branch anymore :p

And I hope you like it as well!

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The trees are absolutely perfect! Its such a nice scene with a lovely atmosphere. :)
Onlyfox's avatar
your work is seriously amazing
This just oozes with atmosphere; I adore the feeling of being in an endless, gorgeous forest early in the morning on a perfect day.
zevranarainai1's avatar
This is simply lovely and stunning!
PercyJackson7's avatar
Beautiful ... love the world of Middle-earth, as always.  Love the green trees and especially that little stream. And the characters. So beautiful.
HelevornArt's avatar
Amazing illustration, keep up the wonderful art! :)
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Jakegothicsnake's avatar

Wicked awesome! It reminds me of this illustration by the late Pauline Baynes that she made for the book "Bilbo's Last Song".…

Was it the particular work that I just mentioned and linked that inspired you to make this?

FRASSY's avatar
May I say that this is a fantastic piece perfect for a book cover? Because it is! Beautiful choice of colors and I love the detail put into the characters! :D
Glacial-Moon's avatar
DaBlueOcarina's avatar
seeing this, i feel like i could adventure all the way to....ANYWHERE!
FreedomHulk's avatar
This green is amazing
The-Rasmus-Raven's avatar
Beautiful colors ^^
Bananskallet's avatar
What book is this? Lovely art!
KahlanAmnell123's avatar
The green, the green is so vibrant- beautiful!
GalacticMonarch's avatar
beautiful piece of art
couchmochi's avatar
My god this is soo beautiful! I love all those green tones and the lighting in the back! I feel like going right into this scenery. :meow:
learningtheropes's avatar
This is really beautiful! Well done! How did you make this? what programs/techniques? Very nice!
elphieofkiamoko's avatar
This is gorgeous :3
daveboyb91's avatar
my heart leaped seeing this
Netheb's avatar
"It's a dangerous business, Frodo, leaving your doorstep. If you don't keep your feet, there's no telling where you'll be swept off to..." :)
Oh, how I long to dive into the amazing world of Tolkien again... :heart:
Ziinahven's avatar
What Hobbits really like, is peace....

and quiet.

For all Hobbits share a love of things that grow.
Lothrian's avatar
Wonderful stuff!! :)
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