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You’re a great artist

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That's pretty awesome.. makes me want to go back x)

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I couldn't help but zoom in to take in all the detail. The slooshy brushstrokes change the whole feel of the image. Thank you for sharing 😊

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Really though, I just had to look at it again, and this is special.

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fff you're amazing
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The way the colors work so well together in this art is incredible 
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What a beautiful scene!
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:thumbsup:....:love: Beautiful Creative Artwork Jorge, excellent production !!!
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This is beautiful and has a very peaceful feeling.

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Beautiful image.
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Love Beautiful Artwork !!!
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Lovely lighting!
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World of Warcraft. <3

The night elf zones are some of the most beautiful environments I've seen in all of fiction.
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Ah the colors of ashenvale are so soothing. I like the character a lot. What WoW race are they? I could see human or blood elf
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So ethereal and gorgeous!
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So much beauty here! Nice work!
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Amazing. I like it.
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Absolutely gorgeous. This takes me home.
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