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Another World

By JJcanvas
A new painting, mostly for experimenting and practicing. Had fun with it!

Hope you like it!


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BassoeG's avatar
I'm vaguely reminded of the cover art for Jack Williamson's Terraforming Earth.
Amazing....very talented you are
CelestialSeas's avatar
Fitting title. The fog and curvature/texture of the hill gives it that surreal vibe. That structure to the left is pretty sweet too.
artificial-anfa's avatar
Reminds me of the Zohar in xenosaga/xenogears.
isira-k's avatar
This is amazing! Just a small request kinda thing, could you draw a woman sitting at the edge of the cliff instead of standing? 
bbbhyt's avatar
Very enchanting
safork's avatar
like a sight in dream..
dblasphemy's avatar
Really great work here.   I love the scale and the different geometries.
OfficialByraine's avatar
I want to live on that world!
KTCRPHArielBB's avatar
I like! Majestic!
zzackbrown's avatar
Dexdayr's avatar
majestic, wonderful, beatiful, astonishing, epic, honest....oh man it is so much that i dont have enough words to describe it.
but really amazing :3
Glacial-Moon's avatar
It's really mind blowing!
o--kAne101--o's avatar
wow this is really beautiful. love gigantic things.
Cricky-Vines's avatar
MoonstruckT's avatar
Oh, I like it! I like it a lot! This is a story I'd want to tell! This sort of thing is where I get my inspiration as a writer. Thank you very much.
LordDivinity's avatar
You never cease to amazing me :D love you for that :iconchuuplz:
PyroStyx's avatar
woesofthenorm's avatar
Ooh, this reminds me of the levels from Spyro The Dragon. But then I see that redhead and it just adds so much to the story that this picture tells and makes me want to know more. Excellent work! The shadows are awesome.
Rejvaik's avatar
amazing! your art is just so, I don't want to say minimalistic, but simple, with a sense of grandeur and the same time. I can easily picture myself as the character standing there. well done. Mission accomplished!
SwiftFlyte's avatar
The beauty of this picture is the enormity, that little addition of the woman and her striking red hair really adds a sense of surrealism as you get an idea on the scale and fantastical feeling of the sublime. Extraordinary, love your work.
XWolfpaw700X's avatar
The circles remind me of circular Gallifreyan :D
SeerRuggle's avatar
Looks very Halo in the wide sweeping land, lavender sky, and giant, smooth monoliths.
MiraKial's avatar
Ooh, this is pristine. Looooove the sweepingly dramatic shapes, and the little pop of red hair that helps tell the story, just a really great piece that comes together well.
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