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Star Wars 2

By JJasso
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another of the 3D matte paintings I did for star wars old republic cinematic, done at Blur studio,I can't show any making of on this material due to license and other stuff, but here's a snapshot of the actual trailer online , I did the matte painting and matte painting compositing,
3ds max, photoshop and fusion for compositing

FX's added and final composition with moving ships by Blur studio
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This is how Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith should have looked like.  The Republic collapsing.  Total chaos.  And the Empire taking control in a brutal, destructive manner.  Excellent job.
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For The Hor- Sith!
streincorp's avatar
SWTOR's trailers are the best videos I ever seen.
emotionalshadows's avatar
Ah, one of my favorite scenes. The sacking of Coroscaunt... This looks like a beautiful picture of it. i have never seen anything like it on here before.
MatthewFishwick's avatar
Those cruisers in the back look a bit Palleon Star Destroyers, and this is Corucscant
Ragnarok6664's avatar
Still love it, appearantly the game has gone free-to-play, might be worth getting back to'(or not)
Cm7372's avatar
Wait, did you do all of this .. yourself !? that defies reconing !!!
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Beautiful work... both 2D and 3D elements.
KatsuMiyoshi's avatar
the invasion of courscant by the great Sith Empire!!! this is awesome..... this is soooo badass!!!
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Great. It is an honor to actually be able to communicate with the collaborator of such a great artwork as that MMO intro.
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"Our time has come. For three hundred years, we prepared. We grew stronger while you rested in your cradle of power, believing your people were safe… protected. You were trusted to lead the Republic but you were deceived, as our powers over the Darkside had blinded you. You assumed no force could challenge you and now… finally, we have returned."

Darth Malgus
darthdifa's avatar
amazing work!!
leseraphin's avatar
:omfg: this is sooo big !!! great talent my friend
orcbruto's avatar
Burn Jedi! Burn! :jedi:
The-Dark-Lord-Link's avatar
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This is inspiring. I hope that my art can someday be as good as this. Right now, it's nowhere as near. Thank you for showing it!
Ariel-X's avatar
OMG!!! Beautiful!
mind blowing work! attention to details is amazing!
mattmiller92's avatar
I don't care what ANYONE thinks. I spot no mistake in this. Looks like the trailer to me.

Flawless. Seems that you have a reputation for such traits. At any rate, I commend you. Nice job!

leonwoon's avatar
Whoah, was this during the Sith War?

Awesome job on this one, especially the blazing Jedi Temple. Who knew it had to be rebuilt, yet again? ==
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