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Star Wars 1

one of the 3D matte paintings I did for star wars old republic cinematic, done at Blur studio,I can't show any making of on this material due to license and other stuff, but here's a snapshot of the actual trailer online
3ds max, photoshop and fusion for compositing
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Excellent work and gallery.
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very well done.
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Looks amazing! I didn't know that professionals used 3ds max for game trailers. I always thought they used a much more powerful programs.
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and we use 3ds max at ILM as well ;), 3ds max is powerful !
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hye.. very nice work! where can I learn on how to create this kind of wonderfull image?
hye.. where can I learn on how to create this kind of wonderfull image? :)
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sorry but to me this just seems like uve taken a picture of the video and credit yourself for making it as a painting... i would be sold though if u had made other paintings for the trailer that isnt directly the same shot and view as in the trailer sorry but i call fake on the decieved pictures uve got here
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haha ok call it what u want lol, lucasfilm ltd, won't let us use :
"making of" breakdown images ,all we are allowed to use are literally frames from the trailer
actually I had some breakdown images here at first and they made me remove them and put this one , but fake mmh I don't think so :P
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Will be featured @ You can also feature other peaces of your work into our website for free. Learn more about it by visiting our Design Blog :). Cheers
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Congratulations excelent job :D
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Totally Amazing!
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Wow I can't believe I'm seeing this from the guy who works at Blur. Too hot!
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What a great career path... i doubt youd ever run out of 3d with lucasarts behind you.
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what kind of pc can handle this model?
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wow.. amazing.. but i dont wanna live there lol
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Wow.Fantastic work!
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That's a gorgeous painting. I'm still itching for that game to come out.
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I love anything having to do with Coruscant.
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The level of detail is just insane :O I like how the ships are all travelling in formal lanes too - one has to make sure there's a sens eof order in the air traffic :D

It's good to see that matte painters who use 3D as a base can still get far, at times I wonder if I can get anywhere at all since I can't exactly draw buildings as well as I can model them :dogtwo: nice work :clap:
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*:dohtwo: not :dogtwo: :rofl:
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