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Play Magazine cover 1

this is a cover we did at Blur studio for PLAY magazine,on the Girls of Gaming Series
3D lara croft was done by Sze Jones and I did the lighting, rendering and post , this was done more than a year ago but I think it's still cool to show up
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This work is absolute amazing! My alltime favourite Lara Croft picture!! :love:
The colors, the lights, the movemets, the whole composition is in a dramatic harmony!
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hi :happybounce: your work has been featured >[link]
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Just an amazing piece of work, the caustic are stunning
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you are the true artist
do you work for Crystal Dynamics or are freelance ?
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I work at ILM, what is Crystal Dynamics?
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o_o..... TOMB RAIDER and LARA CROFT franchise developpers... since LEGEND,the authors of LEGACY OK KAIN o_o...
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After seeing glade my TRU version didnt had the shark episode!!!!^^;
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YOU did this??? Oh my! I have seen this and I cannot believe that I meet the guy, who made this!!!
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hi, the model of Lara Croft was done by Sze Jones she's the one with the credit for the character, I did the composition, render and lighting of everything together :)
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SZE Jones = (Skill + Awesomeness ) ^ Beauty
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This kinda freaks me out. Congrats on the cover. And I am very much looking forward to seeing what Blur comes up with for the new Heavy Metal movie.
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I am completely amazed by the realism of their work. is almost a photograph. maybe You are not looking for a critique, but the shark's anatomy, particularly the head, looks a bit disproportionate.
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You are here [link] check it out hope you like it!
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Simply gorgeous piece of work.

Thank you so much for adding your work to Digital Delicacies! :heart:
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Like a TR fan, I have to say! It's sooooo amazing! ^^
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Sze's touch is so obvious. She's great on modeling beautiful women :D You did an amazing job on water and lighting, beautiful work!
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I saw this in a GAMING magazine, ooh, I can't remember which one!!! :omfg: That's AWESOME!!! :worship:
other than her hair, NOTHING looks like a 3D. the hair wouldn't be so bouncy when wet. just a small observation :)
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one of the things in pro CG is that you always have to follow direction , and the client is the boss, and lara is her product , they want her to look as a hero rather than photo real you know what I mean?
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