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another prototype new york shot, same technique, 2D matte painting projection over 3D geometry
check it out here

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Well, I know very little about the programs you've used to create this picture, so I'll critique it as if it were a photograph...

The first thing that jumps out at me when I think about this as a 3D design is the level of detail. Tiny details like boiler room exhaust pipes, satellite dishes, and water tanks on the roofs of buildings add a level of realism to the picture that deceives the mind into thinking it's not really fake.

I also like the fogginess captured on the lower right side of the picture down by the stoplights. I've been in places where the weather patterns get distorted by the buildings and you can have fog trapped on one block and have crystal clear skies a few blocks away.

The angle and intensity of sunlight was another thing that jumped out at me. The light for most of the picture was blocked by other buildings in the way of the light. Usually in a city scene I've noticed from my photography that tops of the buildings will reflect the color of the sky while lower down the reflection and light tends to be more street level reflections and reflections from other buildings.
It would be in this area that I have my only negative critique. While the light provides a needed amount of realism to the picture, at the same time it doesn't seem to succeed in bringing it into full 3D. Some of the buildings seem to have more light than they should since it looks like other buildings are in the way and should be casting larger shadows. In particular the large building in the center of the picture and the white short building behind it to the right appear to have weird shadow angles.

All in all though, this is a stunning 3D picture. You've succeeded in creating a scene that for the most part can't be distinguished from reality.