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Mayan Night

this is another Matte paintign of a mayan city, I'm obseced with this amazing culture
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It's beautiful.
I always had dreams about a stunning place like this, now you made my dream come true, THANK YOU!!!
I'm obsessed with mayan culture too, also with viking culture
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That's very very nice :P I love the atmosphere, with a subtle fire light in the bottom and the stars slightly appearing up there. Very credible actually.
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Wow. Just wow.
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the mayans are an amazing culture and one of the most advance civilization ever lived thousands of years ago :D
this is an amazing work piece you did, love all the rich details on it- specially how you did the moon and it's light shining on the structures and trees. ^^
Beautiful work!:clap:
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wow, excellent work! makes us really wonder what it was like at that time.
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Quality, Nice :D
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this is beyond words! most of your work is anyways! i love mayan culture too!
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It's very bealtiful this image
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Thank you for letting up feature your pic .. great work !
the only thing missing is the sound of the jungle at night...awesome job!
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You should make more, these are really good.
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Friggin wonderful!!
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May i use this and this another of your paintings as part of a noncommercial video? I will give credit
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sorry this images have copyright and the owners might act against that, so please don't use them
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Ok thanks for informing i will not use them then :)
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I love this picture.
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Hi I use your fantastic work for this video on DA :) [link]
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