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Huey Altepetl ( Empire Capital )

By JJasso
I love History and Recently I visited México city, I've been inspired by the Aztecs, this amazing culture is really unbelievable!, the great architecture and main capital was awesome, it's a shame that Tenochtitlán is destroyed now, but here's my version of a parallel universe Tenochtitlán/ Templo Mayor.
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Really awesome image. Are you on Fiverr?, I am interested in art like this

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Rare that you see things that use the Aztecs instead of the Romans, very interesting.
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Красиво, однако, ничего не скажешь.
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Beautifully done, and btw, just to your knowledge, they did call themselves "Mexica". And i love all the pre-columbian history too
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I´ve always imagined what would have happened if the aztecs had kept their civilization growing and this is awesome, thank you.
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Very good , i like!!chapeau!
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Lovely painting, but would you be such a fan of the "amazing" Aztechs if you were one of the people drug up to the top of one of those pyramids to be sacrificed to their gods?
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The sacrifice was the most honorable death an Meso American could have so yeah, he would probably be a extreme fan.
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There's nothing "honorable" about being murdered for a pagan god.
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I never said there was something honourable on that.
I just said that is what they thought.
There was no murder, because murder was a crime judged in Mesoamerican justice courts.
Sacrifice was instead choosen by the sacrificed person.
They thought sacrifices would give the gods blood, than then would go back to earth as life, like an eternal cycle.
And they are not pagan gods. They are Animist gods. (Sun, water, moon, etc)
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I'd be the one doing the Sacrifice :P
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 Your illustration is magnificent, the ambience you gave it really makes you want to be there and see it with your own eyes.

 Pure awesomeness :D .
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This is beautiful! I'm learning many things about Pre-Columbian Mexico, and this fires the imagination. :)
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Awesome, while I was making this piece I was learning and watching lots of documentaries about aztecs and la conquista and it is  super interesting!
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I've been slowly researching the Aztec and Tenochtitlán for a few years now, and I love artist interpretations of it all. :) 
Very well done. It would be interesting to see how the Aztecs would have adapted to the changing times.
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