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October 2, 2010
Futuristic City by *JJasso
Featured by MacRebisz
Suggested by QAuZ
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Futuristic City

hey guys this is a visual development matte painting for film I created at Blur studios a while ago, 3ds max rendering and paint over on photoshop later, it was a fun paint with lots of detail , original size is 5K wide
original city concept is not mine , I just took the rough color skecth and did a high res image with lots of detail, took me about a month to complete !
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The detail makeshere my mouth water omg

i would like to buy the 5k high res image, but i don't see an option
Merci, très belle image !
Merci, très belle image !
MikuHatGaming2017's avatar
ah yes, the future, where its permanently night
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super image, great work:) (Smile)
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magnificient work!!
How the hell can people be so good at painting, or digital art, or drawing. This kind of stuff blows my mind. 
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You just made my heart melt... Love the scifi! :)
The flying double-decker bus is awesomely anachronistic... there's definitely an essence of past architecture hidden under all of that modernity and chaos, which nicely ages our own experience. Nice work!
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This is awesoem, nice work :D
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Totally amazing!! I wish I had your talent. :P  I really like the dark mood.
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I also love the land design on the ship in Elisium and at the end of Interstellar..
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wonderful!!! I think i'm not the only one to say that ubt I can also admire your art!
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Can you please upload the full hd version for desktop wallpaper? It's damn awesome!
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really cool, you have worked hard to attain these results evidently :)
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The Future don't look too bad! What 'Year?' do like to portray your work in? ....Keep up the ass-kicking awesome work. PEACE!:D (Big Grin) 
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