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Destroyer Landing

By JJasso
A new Concept Design on my Futuristic NAVY ships, same idea trying to make it look like it is real, by using real photos, real places, real situations and my imagination.
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So real, I got sand in my eyes just looking at it.

these are just super

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How can be your ships so much realistic if our lives is not even closer to real future? How? They're absolutely perfect. You paying so much attention to details.
Rick-4F's avatar
Amazingly detailed. Great atmosphere, it's yeah... perfect. :)
buried-legacy's avatar
Nicely done.but what type  of ship isnit a frigute. Anywho Keep it up
Huggie-Bones's avatar
I love it. I do wonder what the gent standing there with the weightboard is doing. =p I worked two years on a flight deck in steam catapults and the weightboard is a visual aid for verifying takeoff weight with the pilot and passing the information across to centerdeck so that the catapult is configured properly for the shot. This isn't a criticism, just an observation.
Every element you chose for this works well visually. Kudos.
buried-legacy's avatar
Thank you for your service.
P8astag's avatar
how big is it?
khlorghaal's avatar
Interesting tiling on the radar dome
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I take one look at this and sigh longingly, "home".
I miss her so...
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Great work... are you painting these craft? 
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Nice ship, i like the details Heart 
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I love the design of the Destroyer, looks awesome!
buried-legacy's avatar
What makes you think its a destroyer
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Nice job. Only thing I would suggest to work on would be pushing the destroyer farther back visually--make it look like it's not right in the foreground.
mortarm's avatar
Very nice.  Love these kind of composites.
Amigo-Rosenstein's avatar
Gefällt mir sehr gut.
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This is amazing!  Highly Lifelike and incredibly realistic.  Could easily fit into any science fiction movie!  Kudos!
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Outstanding! Very realistic!
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Looking at this, I'm wondering where the landing gear is, or if it just hovers on a force field. But that's quibbles, this is an amazing piece of work.
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Love it, looks real to me
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