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Cubone with Flowers

This time i was only trying to draw in a different way. It's only cubone with flowers... I think this poke is a little creepy.
The result is not good... but I will post it anyway. xS
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I'd actually frame this and have it on my wall.... just saying, good work!
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Very thanks for your comment, buddy!
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"The result is not good" What? .-.
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cubone makes me sad, that skull is his moms skull anfter she dided! so sad!
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Oh, very expressive, I really like the impression and photography chosen.
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-*A*- Amazing job!! It make think a lot of things :p
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Uow xD What things? I think this picture is so sad =/
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Is kind of sad because the utter loneliness that show, but those flowers in cubone's hand, make me feel something like that there is a hope, i mean in that empty you could find a sign of beautiful life, like a gentle heart...

0.o Ok, i don't know from where it came, i usually don't think about anything so deep...
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uAHuhaUHAuhuAHUAH I like you!
Very nice text, I really look to the picture with different eyes now. O.o'
See you ;)
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I agree with everyone here who commented... this is so beautiful. :heart:
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Really thanks! ^^
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W-wow, you actually drew this? ;_; It looks so beautiful, I seriously love the emotion and the style you painted this! It looks so blurry and dark and just so pretty <3 That river is stunning, I really like all the different tune's of brown. And that moon, just woow <3
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Very thanks buddy! ^^ I really like a "dark style"... If you see, i tried to make a Gastly on the left @.@
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You did great with that dark theme :D And oh, I see that Gastly now! It looks kind of sad, but creepy when you notice it <3
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It's beautiful, I love it. Cubone is one of my favorite Pokemon, by far, and he looks absolutely stunning.
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Very thanks =)
It's certainly striking, it's like a storm in the Marowak graveyard
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Yes... actually, i dont know if it looks like more with a Cubone or Marowak. >.<
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I think this is quite beautiful in a way!
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Thanks buddy. =)
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