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X-Steel 1.1

By JJ-Ying
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Hope you like it!

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--small version added
--Thinner cursors
© 2005 - 2020 JJ-Ying
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How to apply this theme

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late 2018 but how you download?
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What's the font name that you use?
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how 2 install?
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go to hell with your curxptheme give me ini install
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Thank you! sss
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Still looks good 6 years later!
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still looks good 6 years later!
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=O looooooooool nice one man
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This cursor kicks ass!

Fits well to: [link]

Thanks for doing it! I credited this deviation in my latest Desktop-Screenshot. :D
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i have used this cursor since i got my new pc i think like a year go when i came across it ive used it since

I simply just love it and find it addicting worst then crack :).
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Lol... wow... you have no idea how much I love this...

:heart: Lovveee
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Awesome, sweet stuff. Using them now :#1:
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very nice cursors..
but how do i install em?? .. like i download the deviation..and then??
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You need cursorXP to use them, ( get it here: [link] if you don't already have it ), then double click the file whereever you've put it, and it'll install itself and you can reach ti from the 'Configure CursorXP' shortcut. ^_^
Figured I be a little helpful.

~ Midnight
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Just thought I might say that I'm loving his cursor set! I was looking for something just black and white and these are perfect. Very elegant set. Great work!
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hmm looks like you've been asked how to install these a lot, goes to show how good your work is, i love it! thank you
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your very much welcome
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How exactly do I install these?
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