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X-SKH cursors

In X-Pirate theme, I added a skull, and this time, I made a cursor set that I've been planned for a long time. The bone system was used to create this while I'm not familiar with this. But I think it's a good try for me. Hope it can be a good try for you, too.

ps. Today I found that I got 1,000,000 total downloads at Wincustomize and the wc staff gave me a free personal page! [link]

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its AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG!!!11!!!111!1!!!!:headbang:

Note : "HOW DOWNLOAD" ru serious???

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so cute :happybounce: specialty the one with the pen  rabbit heart emojiClap 
How do I download
how to increase its size??
how do I download them?
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Would seem really nice for a game :3 May I with credits to you?

EDIT: Oh my, the sprites are slightly to large... They are very nice sprites btw <3
yah these are sick man! unique! havent seen ant others even close to these. good work!!
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Awesome!! THANK YOU!:D
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here is my question... what cursor goes where? almost nobody who makes cursors labels them well, they are cool though
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Wow this is amazing and compliments the gothic feel of my desktop,thanks.
download link??
undei download-ul??
who is download-ul???
plzz help
va rog ajutațimă
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plz sendvideo
how to download???
How do i download them please?
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To install you dont want to do it one by one (what horrible suggestion) you just download the zip and then extract with winzip or 7zip or similar and then insie the folder there are two different install sets Cur_set and Cur_setB.

Select one and RIGHT CLICK in the resulting popup select INSTALL and it will be placed in the appropriate folder.

If you have problems you can alternatively go to your windows installation folder (usually C:\Windows\Cursor in Win7 although you may have your windows installed elsewhere) and then into the Cursors folder and then select all the cursors you want from this downloaded file and paste them into the folder...

Good Luck and have Fun
this cursor mouse is very excellent and precise.Regards.......sgobbi northern italy.ciao
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I got a cuple ideas for you bony hands.

For the hour glass wateing, have the hand taping out its fingers in wate, & for the question mark, have the hand scratching a skull head. :D
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