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I'm in military training these days. So without my pc I can't make new cursor sets and other skinning stuff. This pack is just an addition to X-SKH. Only one cursor updated but with new textures.

Hope you like it!

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SmexyArchy's avatar… <- CursorXP free download, this is the program you need not CursorFX.
You're also gonna need an archiving program such as winrar or sevenzip, just google that it's super easy to find, either one of those two works.
Once you've downloaded these two programs you wanna download the cursor on here, now when you download it you can't open it, go to the files location (( probably downloads map)) Right click, it and select Attributes//Characteristics, it should be on the bottom of the list if you're using windows7.
Now you need to CHANGE the program that opens the file, change this to winrar or sevenzip, these programs will give you an archived version which shows you all the files, now extract ALL those files somewhere in your computer, for example make a new map on your desktop and extract them all there.
Almost there! Now you need to select all the files and right click-> ADD TO ARCHIVE-> Give the archive a name like cursorxpskeletonhand.rar/7z.
Once you have the archive, delete all the loose files you don't need them anymore, now go back to Attributes//Characteristics and CHANGE the PROGRAM for opening AGAIN this time to CURSORXP. Have fun with your new cursor. I hope i explained everything the right way, and i hope i was of much help~
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Very nice, can you make this available in a zip file as well?
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Incase you need to know how to make it a zip or rar file, go download Sevenzip or winrar, search it on google. I think sevenzip is free winrar has cracked versions tho. Once you have one of these two you need to select all the loose files and extract them, then select all the extracted files and make an archive containing them all, once you have that you can delete all the loose files and there you go, you'll have a 7zip/rar Archive(( Note 7zip archives can be opened with winrar and vice versa))
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can i use on for a journal?
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Good Work

(White and Red Collection)
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its wierd..i have cursorxp but when i download this, its in winrar format and when i unzip it its just all unloadable things and isn't an XP theme

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Great work! Any way you can tell me how to set it up as my windows cursor set?
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You need to download CursorXP
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Ahhhhhhhhhhh.................DUH..............Thanks for solving the momentary/permanent brain-fart. That set really is awesome.
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excellent theme!!, i like the white version too,keep up the good work i'd love to see an ani version though, ; ) because cursorxp drains my pc
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awsome detail, again!
and good luck...luckily my school stopped being a military school in the 70's :P
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First rate, as usual! Good luck in all your endeavors, hope to see more from you soon...

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woah, creepy. I like it. How's military school treating you?
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Yeah! I'm back today. The training is successful, but I think I don't wanna have another training in the future, it's really hard~~
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Very nice work J.J..
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That's awesome, Reminds me of Warcraft, a cross between the orc and undead cursors :P
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