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V!VA was my first entry in GUI Champs 2006. The style was kinda old, but I still love its simple and neat feeling, also hope you like it, too!

I updated the whole skin to WindowBlinds 6 and Vista but the rest, I mean WindowXP sub-style has not been changed too much.

Welcome to my site: [link]

And plz lets pray for the millions of victims of 512 China Earthquake.
© 2008 - 2021 JJ-Ying
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Remember when skins were this great?
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Muy Muy Chido broder
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Hello all personne here i am new in his site and i have one question (stuped but i should know it his ansewers) that's is HAW CAN I INSTALL IT IN MY COMPUTER (windows xp)
please help me
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Im so tired of searching clear, non-buggy, good-looking original skins, wich looks good not only in screenshots...

Thx man!
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very nice, love it, great work as always
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(*^__^*) 嘻嘻……,实话实说啦。加油,jj
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VIVA yingjunjiu :D
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Thank you dude! 8-)
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Good job, thank for Vista update! :D
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深夜, 看到了jj的大作呵呵
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Ahh i still have this one, great skin, and thanks for the vista update JJ :D
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great skin man, very professionally done! - this is being featured today on jackrebel dot com. :)
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Thank you mate! :D
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