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VIVA Icons

Made in Photoshop, less than a dozen have been finished, maybe have no time to produce a full set and enrich the details, so just release these 9 icons, hope you like.

PNG files x 9

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How do you make an empty Recycle Bin icon without making a full icon, and then never deliver after 12 years? XD
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i am really sorry to bother u... but i really loved ur folder icons... could u plz make an extension of those folders... (folder inside folder icon, folder back and folder front).. adding just those folder doesnt change all the folders in windows 10... so i wanted those extra folder too(stated above)...i really loved ur work... plz help me.. thank you... :)

Christy Joseph
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How To Install?

Cool Icons
good icons thanks
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1. Either you have drawn this one from any image
2. Can show me your process in getting this design.
3. or refer me to some other resources
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I think there are not Recycle Bin Full, just made it :)

Great Dock Icons Ying :D
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very nice. great job ;)
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thanx a million
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Nice, very nice !

Sorry for the late JJ...... :)
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mate, gives a way to get a full bin for this set, too? I need one :P
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Hi mate, glad you like it!
I remember I've made on full bin, let me find it after going home
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okay ;) let me know when you've found it.
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Is there a special way to turn these into Icons, or are they for a specific program?

Thanks mate!
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Hi, these pngs files are used in dock software like objectdock
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Thanks Ying mate, I downloaded it and I like it alot.
I don't suppose you have any good links for deviants with good icon gallarys?

Your gallary is sweet btw. ;)
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