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Tronnix Cursors

By JJ-Ying
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Made to go with Mike Bryant's fantastic theme--Tronnix. I love this theme so much that I planned to create a cursor set for it. After getting the permission from Mike, now present you with Tronnix Cursors. Hope you like it.

Thx Mike for his permission and support!

Permission file zipped in theme file and also can be seen by clicking the "i" button in CXP control panel.

See more Tronnix skins at Mike's DA Gallery: [link]

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how to make it my cursor? those are png files not cursor files help me!
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how the hell do i install
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how do i install it :/
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Coool pack its amazing
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Same here with the error when trying to load this cursor set in the Mouse properties. I can double-click the .curxptheme file to load the cursors but it crashes othewise.

Nice set nonetheless! :D
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Maybe you can try load it in "open" window when click the "browser" at the bottom of the theme list.
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Sorry, I'm not sure what you mean exactly.........?? Are you saying that instead of clicking on "Save" to download the file, I should try clicking "Open" to see it will install the file directly to my PC?
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Ye, save it but not open it when download. And then go into the control panel of CursorXP. Click the theme list and choose the "browser ". After the "open" windows appears, select the .curxptheme file you download.
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Sorry, but that's how I have been installing it already. The only way I can get it to load after installation is to double-click on the .CURXPTheme file. If I try and change cursors in the CursorXP control panel, the program crashes, just like the other person reported above. This is the ONLY cursor set that does that. I wish I could tell you why..... but I can't. All I can do is report my experience to you. Evidently, I'm not the only one that has this problem. Every other set of yours I have works just fine.
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I dunno why, but these are crashing CursorXP. I can load them simply by runing the "curxptheme" file but I can't open the CursorXP control panel anymore. I have to load different cursor set and THEN I can open the control panel again. ...anyway, great work!
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This problem exsits in my computer, too. But not always. Thx for your feedback, maybe the ini file has some wrong definition, I'll check it out.

Thank you!
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Nice, but what goes where? The mouse pointers dialog has names like Normal Select, Help Select, etc. and you have what look like codenames… Could you supply a conversion chart?
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I'm sorry for my poor english, I couldn't understand your meaning what is " conversion chart " ?
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You files have names like IBeam, Wait, SizeNS, etc. I can't figure out what to match all the files to in the mose options.
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The whole thing comes as a set:
Open the zip file
Click "Tronnix.Curxptheme"
The whole theme should load.

You need cusor XP installed, if you don't have it, you can get it from [link]

PS: A conversion chart is a list of terms and their equivilents, like
Ibeam = Text select

An example of a conversion chart is The currency exchange rates that you see in newspapers or tv
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Odd, did I download the same thing? I didn't get .cuxptheme but a BUNCH of .ani
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weird, there aren't even any .ani's included in the CurXP theme, they should be PNGs. Try downloading it again
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Oh, and to get to the CusorXP options. Go to the Mouse control panel applet, then click the CursorXP tab
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Very Fine work
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