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Target Light

By JJ-Ying
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After I released T@rget WB last week, some people said they would be glad to see a Black and white version of it. As a result, I created this new wb skin. The color and all the window border have been changed.
And I also finished the most time-consuming part in my mind: Toolbar icons. At first I wanted to recolor the Tronnix toolbar icons that I like very much, but when I request permission from Mike, he encouraged me to creat my own ones. So now thx Mike for his great support!

- Custom Toolbar Icons
- Full custom window buttons. advanced functions added
- Semi-transparent startmenu

Matching cursor set can be found here: [link]

:bulletred:Wallpaper by `DivineError can be found here:Hard Boiled Scrambler

Hope you like it!

Welcome to my blog: JJ.Ying's GUI World
© 2005 - 2021 JJ-Ying
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Thank youu! i love all your works!
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Thats great work,. much appreciated
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你會將它變成visual style嗎?
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when i install this, will i see asian text or english?
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Of course english! Remember, almost every WB and VS supports english. The chinese only shows on my WinXP chinese edition.
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i want to use this theme, but i cant...... when i unzip the file, its just some file i cant open... help!
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Cool version of this great skin.
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eggs eggs eggs....
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Very Very Very Very Very Very Nice Work.
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Another winner, keep 'em comin'!

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Thank you friend!
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No problem, you deserve it...

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Nice job JJ! This looks good black and white, and great toolbar icons also! Keep these great blinds coming bro! :judge:
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nice theme m8!
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I really like this one!! Excellent job all around and a very nice set of Toolbar icons too. Congrats.

For me, however, the "System Menu" (Restore, Move, Size, etc.) button doesn't work with an Explorer window on this skin nor on the original Target skin. But it does work in Internet Explorer windows. All the other features work as shown in the screenshot.

All and all, an impressive skin. Thanks for making it available.
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a great quality work!!..looks cool jj :dance:
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Nice work J.J..Also excellent Custom Toolbar Icons...
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Thank you friend!
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