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After two wb with lots of 3D elements, I decided to make a minimal skin.

Hope you like it!

Welcome to my blog: JJ.Ying's Home
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looks great, will continue to sift through all of your designs to see if this was actually ever released, was looknig for the download button to try it out ;)

wonder if there can be alternate colors in this theme, i.e red instead of yellow, or blue, or green for that matter. would be interesting to see!

another great job
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oh...I like this colour
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any chance of a user pic?
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Well, originally i wanted to add one, but then I found that the user pic can't be on the right of the panel, so I had to remove it 8-(
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Shame, oh well..I like anyway ^^
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looks great, but if u r really going to make it look minimal, then go for a compact startpanel
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Thx a lot for the really good idea, my friend!
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Wow, this looks awesome. Hope you release it as a Visual Style rather than a WB so I can actually use it. =P

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Thx! Well, before the projects started, I really wanted to make it both wb and vs, but my stylexp suddenly crashed and never resume....8-(
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Very Good Work.
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I'm going to nickname this deviation, "mechanical bumble-bee" just becuase that's what it reminds me of....
but either way,it's very cool JJ.
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Looks good, like the color! :) Can't wait for this one! :D
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Oooooooooh... Too sweet!

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Thats pritty awesome.
do you think youl ever plan on making a green skin that goes with the starcraft 3d cursor? :D
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I never think of that, but it's quite a good idea! Thx a lot for the advice, my friend!
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