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Silver Cursors 3D Small for CusrosrXP here: [link]

Silver Cursors 3D for CusrosrXP here: [link]

Hope you like it!

Welcome to my homepage:

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It's not supported in Windows 10

....Please tell how to install in windows 10

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Rejuv1n8edChr0nic9lHobbyist General Artist
The Link is broken
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there is an animated green version of this that spins
anyone know where to find it ?
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wetheenergyHobbyist General Artist
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Jarminx Photographer
Nice. You converted from a Zip to a Rar. My LEAST favorite compressed file. No thanks.
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wetheenergyHobbyist General Artist
broken download link =( awesome chrome metal like cursor though
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I love this thanks so much. for those looking for the link to download this, follow the link that Vitalizez supplied. there's no virus it's perfectly safe to download and you copy it into your windows Cursor folder once its unzipped. I'm using this on a Windows 10 machine and it works perfectly.
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I've been using the cursor called DIM. I really like it ... but, I think it would be nicer if it was a little more visible. Some of my clients are nearly blind and I need to find one they can easily see.

Thanks for this,
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I can't download them to give them a try. Could you please fix the download link? :)
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wetheenergyHobbyist General Artist
I think I found an alternative download link!
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wetheenergyHobbyist General Artist
no news yet on the download link fix. Guess we'll end up ignored =(
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killer sleek art! thanx!
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Sleek & beautiful, thanks!
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great design
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VitalizezHobbyist General Artist
You can download it here! www.uudesktop.com/plus/downloa…
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Get lost! That link is contain virus
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No virus that I can find, thanks for the mirror, the orig link is dead. :)
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FearedGreyWolfHobbyist General Artist
Download link needs fixed... meh 
Love your cursors JJ-Ying :D
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TourqeGlareHobbyist Filmographer
Still using them after all these years.
Four different computers, three different Windows, all the same silver cursors. :)
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JJ-YingProfessional Interface Designer
Wow!  Thank you for letting me know this and very very glad you like them!  :D
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TourqeGlareHobbyist Filmographer
You're welcome. :) 
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