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November 2, 2006
Finally, a really good, original login screen. Azenis 2 Login by ~yingjunjiu goes really well with his theme entry for Windowblinds too!
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Azenis 2 Login

Made to go with my windowblinds entry for the GUI Champs: :bulletred:[link]

This login screen is in logonui.exe format, you may use Logon Loader or Style XP to apply it to your windows

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nice one....
what r you usinh for this...(for graphic is it. paint shop or photopaint....and the coding(you know where the buttons and things are) which software?
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Good work

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I love it!!! I seared for a nice loggon to use with the background witch i use for all parts of my pc. but this is even compaired with the honor of makin it myself awsome. i will definatly use it
I like this theme!
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WOW!! :D I love this you photoshop pro :)
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Didn't work for me in Logon Loader... But sweet design.
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ok figured it out, the reason I ahd difficulty initially is because XP programs for changing your logon screen DO NOT WORK FOR VISTA ;)

so logonloader might be ok for vista, but I would recommend using stardock's logon studio.

for vista users you will need Stardock's logon studio for vista found here: [link]

and then it's as simple as picking the logon theme you want, you can also make your own, and don't stress the default windows vista is preloaded so you can always revert back.

thanks for this really love it, I allready use this design as my winamp skin and love it, and am getting ready to use the visual style theme for my desktop :)
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Impressed, will have to look into figuring out how to use this on my computer :)

[if anyone can send me instructions much appreciated]otherwise I'm sure I'll find a way via google

definitely gonna change to this once I learn how!
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yingjunjiu = The best quality
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im loving the texture <3
reaööy amazing, works fine for mee ;)[link]
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I'm glad u like it :D
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Very nice!! You Own.
or just widescreen if you want.
i really like this one, but there is one thing i don't understand, maybe someone can enlighten me on this.

but why are ppl still making logons in 4:3 format? and actually it's not easy to find a really good looking logon in 16:10, i know that years ago 4:3 where standard but not nowadays.

i don't know if it's just because where i live 16:10 is standard, because i rarely see a 4:3 monitor today, and if i do the machine usually runs some server software, and they just used one of the old screens for it.
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Wow! O.O This is excellent! As soon as I get my laptop, this is going up!
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Goddam it - I've been missing out until I found this and your GUI set!

Do you also have a cursor set? (Cursor xp or something)
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btw, I'm using this to :) the only thing you could improve would be to make the corners rounded for the password box...
nicely done, it fits my dark theme very well :)
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Absolutely amazing. Wonderful work, and wonderful job.
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