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Queen Medusa



“As a Queen I have obligations to my city and my people. As a wife I have duties to my husband. As a woman I have desires of my own… desires that are often left unfulfilled, for I am married to a man who can never speak. It is a burden that I know weighs heavily on him… it is also my burden to bear. Many women long for peace and quiet. I am not one of these women."

I wanted to show off my make up (and with kolibri-chan's direction on this shot), I love how this picture turned out! It feels so ethereal/otherworldly, like she is thinking about her king, husband -- Black Bolt. I was hoping to find a Black Bolt at ECCC but no luck, only one cosplayer who was working on a BB cosplay but didn't bring it! DARN! I love them together! :heart:

Medusa : Me
Photo by : :iconweatherstone:
About the Wig

I received many questions about my wig at ECCC and online, the top ones being:

Is it heavy?
Not really. It is heavy for a wig, but not heavy enough that it was uncomfortable to wear (though I got some marks on my forehead that lasted a few days afterwards). My Shiva wig was a LOT heavier than this wig and I purposely layered my Medusa wig to shave off some of the weight at the bottom of the wig.

Where did you get it/did you make it?
Yes, I did make the wig. I got a 60" red base wig from eBay and then purchased extensions from I Kick Shins.

How long did it take to make?
Sewing wefts, hand sewing wefts into the wig and styling took about 2 weeks.

How many wigs are there?
1 wig and about 15 thick wefts.

How did you get the volume & height?
The volume of the wig is from the extensions which are slightly crimped which add bulk without the extra weight. As for the top of the wig, there is no foam structure or anything inside the wig, it is all backcombed and hairsprayed underneath. (I watched a bunch of drag queen wig tutorials which used this technique a lot).

FF: Saving Attilan by jj-dreamworldzFantastic partnership by kolibri-chan

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