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Ice cream

finally T.T ... 

step by step:…

more: blastoise by Jiyu-Kaze practice by Jiyu-KazeSoul Eater by Jiyu-Kaze


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Is this a drawing or a cosplay???

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It's a drawing with incredible detail

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Looks like a drawing from/over a photo.

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Not a big Frozen fan, but this gets a fave for the incredible detail.

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gorgeous, a thousand congratulations for your level thousand talent :)
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I thought this was a cosplay omg! WONDERFUL artwork!
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*looks around* Where's the ice cream? :|
This beautiful depiction of Elsa is very much like movie CG.  It's awesome.
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Reminds me of a young Heather Locklear
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TOO CUTE!!Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart In Love Art is love Love Tards OMG I LOVE IT plz 
I'm still convinced this is the best cosplay EVER.
You can try to tell me its not.
I still won't believe you.
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its a drawing lol
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Well, that's how you know it's an outstanding artwork.
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i lerning how to do good portrait photograph,so i serching for the art popular all time,i thought this is the a cosplay...i AM TERIBBLY WRONG   
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I genuinely didn't realize this wasn't a photograph until I saw the step-by-step picture xD Great job!
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Wierds me out you can't see the bridge of her nose.  I get it reflects the cartoon, but not seeing a shadow or outline of the nose is just freaky.
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Sexy cosplayer ^^
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