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HH: Minami Kim by jiunnie HH: Minami Kim by jiunnie
My OC for :iconhoshizora-high: :iconhoshizora-high: :iconhoshizora-high:

N a m e:

  • Minami Kim

N i c k n a m e :

  • Mi-Mi, Min-chan, Nami-chan

A g e:

  • 16

G e n d e r:

  • Female

D a t e o f B i r t h:

  • July 8th

S t a r S i g n:

  • Cancer

B l o o d T y p e:

  • O-

H e i g h t:

  • 5'7"/ 170 cm

S u b j e c t:

  • Mythology

H o m e r o o m:

  • 2-C

C l u b:

  • Kendo

S p o r t (s)

  • Basketball

  • Swimming

L i k e s & D i s l i k e s:

  • +Exercising/Sports
    +Hardworking/Determined People
    + People Who Make Friends Easily
    + Mangos
    +Different Culture/Fairy-tales/Lore/Myths
    - Lazy People
    -Being Touched/Touchy People/Skinship (Unless you’re pretty close with her)
    -Horror Movies/Stories/Etc.
    -Cold Weather
    -Being Teased/Bullied
    -Airplanes/Any Transportation In Air

P e r s o n a l i t y:

  • Tsundere/Sensitive: She denies this many times despite it being true. If you first meet Minami, she may come out as cold but as you gradually get to know her, you’ll get to know Minami’s warm, caring side. On the outside, insults may seem nothing to her but on the inside, Minami takes those insults to heart, hurting her.

  • Socially Awkward: A bit awkward in crowds and outgoing people. She envies and admires people who can make friends easily..

  • Bright/Intelligent: Minami takes her studies seriously and sometimes she can be taken as the ”teacher’s pet” to her classmates.

  • Hardworking/Persevered/Determined: When Minami has a goal, she’ll be sure to work to it until she reaches the goal.

  • Envious: Minami can get jealous easily, even of the smallest actions although she does not show it.

  • Protective/Hoarder: Minami CAN’T let go of stuff and sometimes even people. She loves to hoard things in her closets or drawers. If you give something to Minami as a present, she’ll keep it forever whether it is something with special meaning or not. She’s not really clingy with her friends but she is protective of them as Minami doesn’t make friends easily; she values the friends she has.

B i o g r a p h y:

  • Born into a family of 6; her mother, father, 2 older brothers and younger twins, Minami Kim had cold eyes ever since she was born. Her eyes made her look like she was angry and glaring at others. Minami’s looks made everyone avoid her. She rarely got anyone approaching her, especially girls. Even if Minami was just sitting there, she gave off an aura saying that “I-don’t-take-shit” or “I’ll-kill-you.” At one time, she tried to act friendly, approaching the girls in her class. It had the opposite effect on them, scaring them away which also made Minami depressed, almost enough to not want to meet people again. So Minami decided to try and stop making friends, focusing all her concentration on her studies. The people in her school started making nick-names up for her:

    ” Hey, do you see that girl over there studying in the library?”
    “Yeah, what about her?”
    “She’s known as “Geeky Medusa!”
    “I heard that she’ll freeze you if you look right into her eyes.”
    “Really?! Eeeeeekk! She’s looking at us!”
    “Shade your eyes!”
    “Run away!”

    Minami acted strong and uncaring at school but whenever she returned home, her eyes started to overflow with tears. Her parents and siblings began to worry. They asked her what was wrong and she just kept crying or shaking her head. The teasing began to worsen, her books were thrown into the trash can, everyone blamed her for what they did, and Minami’s confidence dropped down very low.
    But one day, a transfer student from America enrolled into her middle school that would change Minami. Everyone was delighted with the new girl, Amy. Amy was popular with the whole school because of her bright personality and doll-like looks. Minami didn’t show any interest but actually she was very curious and envious of her.

    “How did she speak Japanese fluently? How did she make friends so easily? What was her secret?”

    One rainy day after school, Minami was cleaning up when Amy appeared in the library, looking for a book. Minami, being in the library so long, knew where everything was. Though she decided that she would just be ignorant and go on her way when suddenly, the American girl grabbed her wrist, asking her if she knew where the books of Greek mythology was. Not being able to ignore her after she grabbed her, Minami showed Amy where the books were….but they were on the very top shelf which both students could not reach. However, Minami spotted a ladder and Minami climber to get it while Amy held on to the ladder. But something went wrong as Minami was climbing back down to the ground and she fell down to the floor, dropping the book. Amy instantly caught the book and ladder before it could fall on top Minami. Minami shocked, was speechless. Later, she found out that Amy was born in a family with her father being a kendo and martial arts master, where her fast reflexes and strength were developed. The following days after the incident, Amy and Minami became quite close, despite their different personalities and Minami being socially awkward. The students began to notice this and some were jealous of Minami while others noted that she could be approached, that she wasn’t cold or mean… just a bit awkward. This trait was considered cute to some girls and boys as they befriended Minami. Soon, Minami had a group of friends she could hang out with and talk to at lunch, making friendly nicknames for each other. Time passed too quickly for Minami. As the group of friends graduated middle school, all of them had to go their separate ways. Amy had to go back to her hometown and Minami became anxious.

    “What if they tease me about my eyes again Amy? What should I do?”
    “You’re a strong girl now. No need to worry. Your eyes are beautiful. To be honest, I was always jealous of them. Your eyes are so clear, strong and determined, always looking at the right direction, your goals.”
    “*sobs*Amy, what will I ever do without you?”
    “And what will I do without you MiMi-chan? A friend like you, I only meet once in a lifetime.”
    “I’m going to miss you so much Ame-chan.”
    “Here, I’ll give this to you. It’s the most precious item I have. *hands her a small box* Keep it safe until I see you again m’kay? Don’t open it until I leave.”
    “A-Alright. Promise you’ll visit me again?”
    “It’s a pinky promise~”

    As Amy left for her plane, Minami looked inside the box. Inside, was a tiny book decorated with a starry sky, the size of her palm. She flipped it open gently and on the first page it had a word, continuing on.

    “……Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them but you know they are always there.”

    Tears dropped as Minami read each word, completing a sentence.

    A day after, Minami heard the news of an airplane crash that had killed many citizens and the people in the plane. She couldn’t believe her ears and turned the T.V. on. And it was there again, the same exact news….the same exact plane that Amy was on. She began to dial Amy’s number onto her phone, hands shaking. A few seconds later, she could hear Amy’s voice…to leave a message after the beep. Minami tried again and again. She thought she was thinking too much, Amy couldn’t have died, it’s impossible. A week passed and Minami’s sanity was beginning to wear. The phone rang and her parents picked it up, hearing that the body of Amy Jackson was found and her funeral would be held in 4 days. Minami attended her funeral, flying over to Amy’s hometown. She met her parents and grieved with them. Minami’s family headed back with her emotions mixed up and physically tired. Her other friends heard and comforted Minami but they soon had to attend highschool. Minami was homeschooled for the first year of highschool because the catastrophe had traumatized her. Minami began to recompose herself, believing that Amy would not want her like this and her friend would always be watching over her from the skies. Her parents enrolled Minami into Hoshizora High, anxious and hopeful for their daughter.

A d d i t i o n a l I n f o: (More to be added)

  • She’s half-Korean and half-Japanese; her father being Korean and mother being Japanese.

  • She hates hearing and seeing airplanes fly overhead.

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