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how to draw lips tutorial


One of the tutorial that will be available on my Patreon page for term1!

I finally opened a patreon page! Here is the link

You can find tutorial, full size jpeg and psd files , and soon will be voice over workshops as well! left a comment to let me know what kind of content you want to see--- or what type of character you want me to draw!

I have became a mother of 2 lovely boy since 2011, you may notice my update on deviantart has been slow down since then-- -it is really hard to continue working on the career as an artist and try to be a mother at same time, but with Patreon, I might be able to work as a full time artist again and produce more art! with your support >_<!!
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ann47's avatar
Very nice tutorial!:)
artReall's avatar
tnx4fantastic tutorial!^^:))
milaink's avatar
beautiful, thank you for the lesson! Heart 
theodorathea123's avatar
This will be really helpful for me ^^
Alphadyne's avatar
Yes! ! Finally!
thewhimsy's avatar
Great! Now I just need to learn to draw everything else! :D
TheVelvetAsh's avatar
This are wonderful!!!!!! I was wondering, do you had a tutorial on coloring hair?
Mooneon's avatar
Ahh pateron. That shitty website. Hope it will be taken down one day.
Marl0wM0nday's avatar
What's wrong with artists being able to gain a regular amount of money and livable wage?? 
Pachumaster's avatar
that keeps 10% of the money donated.
Marl0wM0nday's avatar
Well, it's like a gallery, an agent or any other means to get bigger exposure and more profit.
Pachumaster's avatar
I agree that they should keep a share, is a company that needs to funcion, but 10% is wayyyy too much. I think 3%would be fair and 5% tolerable, but 10% seem like an abuse to me. but that is just my subjective opinion
Marl0wM0nday's avatar
Well yes, I would have to agree with you. I guess websites have to search for other sources of income since advertisements monetary gain have been going down in the last 5 years. 10% is a lot though. 
Ultamisia's avatar
Very nice and helpful! Thanks for sharing
Scratcherpen's avatar
I am sorry but could you make that tutorial with much larger resolution? I almost cant read the text. Its just too small.
Earthen-Arts's avatar
The artist said that the full sized version is available through patreon. so ...
Scratcherpen's avatar
Yes. I am not blind. I just say that preview could be better resolution, readable. I know that every artist releases full size jpg and psd files and videos with process, i just say that picture could be larger.
Earthen-Arts's avatar
Larger doesn't always mean better resolution. And if it were readable, it would negate the need to go to patreon to buy the full sized jpeg.
Vassalex's avatar
I think the point is so that you can't read it very well. The artist only wants patreon supporters to be able to properly view their tutorial as a thank you for supporting her. 
Scratcherpen's avatar
Yes. That is exactly what i am talking about. Even in zoom in/out you cant red the text properly-its too pixelated and blurry. And to view the preview to that tutorial clear is important too. Patreon will have the complete walkthrough by steps in jpeg and psd file anyway for everyone who want that.
jiuge's avatar
Oh! Did not notice I saved it on only 825 pixels wide--- I re-saved it a little bit bigger --- will this help? please let me know!
Scratcherpen's avatar
Thank you very much. Much better now.
CrisisCrimson's avatar
:iconjiuge: I'm able to read it and this is extremely helpful! Thank you so much~ :D
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