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god bless the child

I realize it is close to yaoi con yet I have never (almost )post anything relate to it .So here you are, aizen x grimmjow (oh yeah , the master and the angry kitty!)
So see you guys this weekend as san fransico yaoi con !
Don't worry guys, I have draw more sexy ladys and will post them here soon. And remeber I promise will draw tiki from d-gray man last time? I did.
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Nkauj21's avatar
"the master and the angry kitty" OH MAN you just created the typical yaoi plot!! X) MY GOODNESS THIS PICTURE IS SOOO SEXY!!!!!
Bleachlover13's avatar
I'm not into yaoi, but this makes me want to change my mind.
ToshiKata's avatar
I don't know how I missed this all this time I've been following you but hot dayamn!! All I can do is sit and stare and repeat ""
Senpai-Cipher's avatar
WOW! :wow: :clap: AWESOMENESS! Tis EPIC!
TikiiTikii's avatar
i think this just became one of my fav pairings ^^
Natsumi24's avatar
I hate this pairing... :D But I love the art~
Lionsong's avatar
:iconaizenplz::iconsaysplz: Your wonderful art has been featured: [link] Please favorite my dedication if you enjoy it. :heart:
Turtlefan926's avatar
very nice! but aizen!! got hurt hurt grimmjow!!!
darcanchy's avatar
I don't like yaoi, but your art amazed me! *o*
pretty intense! :)
Generation-Facade's avatar
where is this Yaoi con? Japan?
Orantmihi's avatar
Hi! I just founded a group for this pairing. I'd love to have this in the group if you agree!

crazy-about-LoZ's avatar
Oh wow, I'm not into yaoi and don't usually fave pics like this, but this one just... wow, it blew my mind over and over again. Love it. Amaaaaazing job.
misspagette's avatar
I SOOOO agreee!

ps. And I hate Whorihime too, heh.
crazy-about-LoZ's avatar
Woosh, Whorihime haterzz unite (:

Omg, this pic still blows my mind over and over again every time I look at it O:
misspagette's avatar
Oh yes! :chainsaw: All she's good at is ruining the epic moments.

Too true, too true. Though I only approve a couple yaoi pairings, this is an absolute mindfucker.
crazy-about-LoZ's avatar
Yeah, the action is about to climax, everyone is tense, this is the decisive moment, and suddenly- "KUROSAKI-KUN~ SAVE ME!"

Wtf, seriously? -.-"

Yeah, I'm not into yaoi, but I think the pairing that is most hinted at in the canon plot is GrimmIchi, so I guess I kinda somewhat halfway support them :/ Although I do approve of this artwork cause, well, who doesn't like rapist!Aizen? xDDD
misspagette's avatar
Ah, yes. She ruined Grimm-Ichi fight, that's why I will never forgive her.

Oh, I think the most hinted is AizenxShinji. Well, our dear Aizen-sama said: "You never opened your heart to me." and Later, "What a fierce look." :dead: I was mortified.:XD: But I shouldn't be- it's one of the three yaoi pairings I approve:XD:

Haha, I love rapist!Aizen from the deep of my 'heart'.:XD:
crazy-about-LoZ's avatar
Yeah, she pretty much ruined the entire anime, which is another reason not to forgive her :/

Hmm... AizenxShinji... Never heard of that one, but I guess if I think back to the flashback arc, I do see hints xD

Yeah, I think everyone loves rapist!Aizen :/ He just makes things so much more... interesting xD
misspagette's avatar
It's not like I want Aizen to be gay, but there were many hints:|

hahahaha so true, so true:iconpervplz:
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Discordia-Nixon's avatar
the desighn is nice
the faces R off again!
ShinaRyun's avatar
You REALLY like your chains, huh?
Not complaining, they work well, and your art is Amazing! Love it! Can't wait to see more.
Orantmihi's avatar
yes, yes! I support AizenxGrimmjow!
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