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death on snow -- full image

fan art for devil may cry3 . this is the final version . hope you will like it ^_^. I use some photo reference for the blood.
[link] , for people who like this pic , pls favorite them as well --there are a lot of wonderful stock image that gave me great idea as well ^_^.
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You can see he's loosing much blood
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<font><font>Очень нравится!</font></font>
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ooo My hero lol like this xo xo
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I have been looking for the one who did this photo for quite a while. It is one of my favorites. You did a wonderful job!
SannyLim93's avatar
This is great ~ Love how hot he looks <3
Keep up with the good work ~
MissCatarina's avatar
It's great.I like Dante :)
I loves this...i loves this alot
dethmachine5's avatar
this reminds me more of Dantes son but that is deffinatly NOT a bad thing
auroraTerra's avatar
Best ive seen of Dante on here :D. This is incredible!
MisaryAshes's avatar
I FOUND YOU AGAIN!!! :D I saw one of your pieces on dA's front page just now and I thought "Now... I KNOW I've seen that style before..."
I had this particular image on my computer since 2006 from another site (blacktown i think). I've always admired it and it is easily one of my all time favorite digital pieces. Been trying to find you again... and I can't tell you how happy I am! :dance:

:heart: forever
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hahahaha niiiiice he looks peiceful lol ugh if only i was mre into devil may cry
MaryTyndale's avatar
how come could I not see this marvellous painting before?????
It's amazing! Congratulations! Such a perfect fanart of Danteeeeeeeeeeee X3333
Leelah1's avatar
This somehow looks real. But Dante is so young here... Great job anyway!
chilliegila's avatar
dante!! awesome!! ^^
Retrobit's avatar
really amazing
i a great fan of the DMC series
GwenMalfoy's avatar
I love it!!!!!!!!!! Gahh I love Dante!
Jennjou15's avatar
he looks so fine
DarkLadyxD's avatar
poor Dante ;( but i love it :p
CwnAnnan's avatar
omg oO... sexy cutie with red lovely blood = <3 very fascinating!!! ^^
Pagan-Moon-Dreamer's avatar
He reminds me of Genisis from ff.

Came really good for you.
MoonDancer89's avatar
This looks epic~!! :iconyayzplz:
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the snow looks good but thats not what have to looks on snow =)
Murderdoll-69's avatar
Oh holy....thats just a masterpiece!
It really made me stare for minutes, you did such an amazing work! With all those details, the real looking blood and his expression. He's still a fighter, still holding his gun.
Thats definatly one of the best DMC Fanarts i've ever seen! That really makes me speechless, you are so talented!
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