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Night wing Steam punk style

By jiuge
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My steam punk Gotham series. More is coming !

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Excellent artwork !!
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ohhh so beautifull, i hope you'll make others knight version of DC chars, thanks for your work
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:)  You say 'more is coming'.  Are you planning to do a Tim Drake at all?  I love your steam punk Gotham series so much!  

....(Alfred just popped into my head, but I have no idea how that would work..)
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WOW Super coolOmg so cute 
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Love it, the whole series is awesome!
Will there be a Tim Drake? 0__0
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Wicked design of Nightwing's armour.
Manda-of-the-6's avatar
Love his armour design! Definitely looks like he can give and take hits in a battle. :D
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Doesn't really look so much like steam punk but cool none of the less!😃😉
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Thank you for doing justice to one of my favorite characters ever!
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This is so awesome!
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woooow cool lights, I love your style
oOSchutzengelOo's avatar
So, so, SO beautiful.
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Do you sell higher res versions? Would love this as my wallpaper!
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Beautiful. I love the lighting!
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Wow, that is so cool!!! B-)
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Dang! I just really love his face. It's at the perfect side angle, looking a bit downward, which sort of gives this feeling of mystery, especially with the light faced behind him, and also that mask as well - even though it technically doesn't hide is face very well - it's still very aesthetically pleasing! Also, the way you did his hair, it looks really soft and touchable...Awesome job!! Love 
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O.M.G that's my fucking reaction!
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Great job
TodallyNotAmazing's avatar
This looks really cool and I love the Steam Punk style.
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