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How to draw skirts


One of the tutorial for Term 24, part 1 of the skirts workshop to help you understand the different  styles of skirts! In this workshop we will cover 6 styles -- knife pleated, straight, layered, tulip, trumpet and circle! 

Term 24's news letter will be posted tomorrow !
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Great work! Of course, skirts work in real life also have the job of highlighting (exaggarating) the waist-hip ratio, by not clinging to said hips -- something your base example clearly doesn't need. That said, I do like the colouring and shading a lot, great work.
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Thank you for sharing! ♥
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This is awesome. Thank you!
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Love it! Thank you
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A ton of thank you!
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This is awesome! Great job oml!
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this helps a lot, thnx
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Thanksssss this was really useful
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Thanks so much for this! Extremely helpful. 
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This is very helpful!! Thanks for creating this! =)
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The clothing designers could not use this for Tooty, she'll need a new size once she has a big booty.
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This looks really awesome. And practical, thank you!
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Very helpful thanks,i suck at drawing skirts
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this is a very nice process =)
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thanks for the tutorial <3
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Very helpfull!!   Thanks alot!
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This red skirt :lovesquee: I would wear *Free Icon/Emote* Totoro ( Heart) 
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I shal make good use of this.
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Since a skirt usually conceals the silhoutte of the legs, I find it hard to make everything flow just right. This is very helpful, thanks!
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Really awesome and very helpful! Thanks for sharing!
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