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How to draw Ice

One of the tutorial for Term 22,  when you are drawing characters , you never know what special effect you might need, and ice crystal might be one of them ! This is a easy tutorial pretty much even a beginner can learn in 30 minutes!

You can get :

1 hour long drawing video of this file.

large jpeg file of this image.

photoshop file of this image !

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This was Super helpful. I use Krita so I had to use a couple different brushes but My Crystals came out perfect! Thank you so much for this

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Can it work on Medibang?
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it does. that's what i use. it works on any program. brush and effect names may be different but jiuge's tutorials can be done on any program as they are more about technique than tools. it works with traditional media as well.

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This is going to be useful!!! Once I try it..
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super extra awesome!
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Oh wow, this is so cool! Great tutorial! :D
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That's so much help!!! Thank you a lot! ♥
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Thank you for fantastic tutorial!^^:))
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Speak of the devil. I was just looking for an ice tutorial for a painting idea I had. Thanks!
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Very pretty but, could you please make it bigger?
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Very cool!
So beautiful and shiny~
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I was wondering if you had a tutorial on electricity like this too, cause in this artwork
Loki Agent of Asgard by jiuge
really nice skills!
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You can you use a brush set to screen mode to pull of glow effects like lightning and such fairly easily
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why is the picture so small? o-o
Because money. Read the description
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Drawing crystal also using same method?
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Ooo, this is so pretty, thanks for making this tutorial~!
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Groovy. Thanks
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This is so small that the characters kinda blur together a bit. It is pretty though.
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Too small to read the text.
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