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Devil may cry3 Dante fan art

I did this one a while back to celebrate the 15 year anniversary of DMC3. Working on DMC3 vergil right now ^^
I live in Washington state, right now the situation is kind of scary here! Hope everyone stay at home and stay safe!
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Hope he doesn't ruin that awesome leather outfit by being in the rain :ohnoes: He looks too cool to care though and his expression is great. The lighting and weather is very dramatic too and made this stand out a lot and gives it an almost 3D like look :eyepopping:
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Nice job drawing her! I hope you'll draw Yae Sakura someday. It's up to you honestly.
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Dante looks great! :highfive:
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Someone que in the song that goes, "Forever young~!Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U , I want to be, forever young~Music Note Bullet (Blue) - F2U "Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] 
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Awesome, you did a great job
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"Looks like this is going to be one hell of a party!"
"This party's getting crazy! Let's rock!"
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"Im absolutely crazy about it!"
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Dante is legitimately awesome! Who wouldn't love the demon Slayer from Capcom?
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Love it!! Don’t see much male art from people so this was great to see Dante :) 
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Dante's smile looks so wholesome here, and I love how captivating his eyes are! The rain effects and his skin just look fantastic!
Stay safe, Jiuge!!!
He looks an awful lot more like Nero.
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Well he is his uncle, so there's that.
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This looks wonderful, I love it!

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 How nice!<3 I love your DMC pieces
and boy oh boy is this nice to see! cant wait to see Vergil!
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